Wooden Bat Tops?


Does anyone know of a place that sells them? These look so nice, FS: Hand Turned Joystick Tops But I don’t think his store is open anymore. Any leads would be appreciated, thank you.


you can try these folks… I have never dealt with them before though


The layouts on their arcade sticks make me crack up every time…


This can be yours for only $550!


You’d need hands like Gief to play that.


I talked to him a bit, Ed was very helpful. Ended up ordering a couple of plain pine battops @ $13 each. A little bit more expensive then I would have liked but I think they’ll be neat once I stain and clear them. Thank you for the link.


I’ve seen that website before.
Always seemed a bit expensive to me – and I’ve seen the Foehammer and other custom type cases. They’re good but a bit out of my price range…!
The butteroj ball handles are economy-priced compared to some of the product on that website!
Sticker shock indeed!

(And I’ll be darned if I still don’t want some of those butteroj balltop handles. In addition to at least 3-4 other PAS balltop handles. Creative Circuits has some nice-looking handles but they’re still a bit “too rich” for my bank…)

Very, very eccentric shapes to the ball handles… They’re really ovals (and at least they admit that!).

I’m amazed that a lot of the metal anodized parts are significantly cheaper than the wooden and plastic/injected mold ball handles but obviously there are reasons for some of that pricing. It doesn’t pop up out of nowhere or certain body orifices…