Woodworking gurus: Need advice on filling gaps in red oak


So I’m waiting on my parts to come in from LL and I figured I might as well finish up this box and make it all nice and shiny while I wait. I’m looking to fill some gaps I have in my corner joints (thanks to my crappy and not squared saw blade) but I’m not sure exactly what to do to fill them since the box is made out of red oak and I’m wanting to poly over it in the end. If I was painting it this wouldn’t be a problem, but I need something to fill in the small gaps that will take stain or poly well and not look funky.

Any suggestions?


Elmers wood filler. Tint the stuff before you put in in to match the wood color. Should be able to get it at most any hardware store. I’d ask the people there for advice based on what sort of stain you’re using.


I recommend using the natural sawdust from sanding the red oak and superglue or some epoxy or woodglue but the clearer the glue the less tint it will put.


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