Woofs newer party thread

i didnt like how big the first one was getting and i hated seeing my old posts sooooooo heres something new to start off


ill update this thread in 4 months or something

u r so cool

i hate this <3

i was working on a commission and then a thunderstorm fucked my pc and now im mad so i drew more popn fanart in response


left by me right by kouotsu bottomright by i have no idea cause pchat is weird

Your latest picture is quite good.

You disabled comments on deviant art or something, I dunno, either that or I am dumb.

You make me feel like I’ve wasted a bunch of my life considering you’re like 11 years old.

I think I will go kill myself now, think about that everytime you draw from now on. You killed someone you didn’t know on the internet because you drew a picture.

the ultra butterfly one?? ya i disabled comments

i turn 13 in 26 days :7)


Thanks. Makes a lot more sense now.

crap i drew early this morning


i swear during the morning i have no pressure control over my pencil

:u: Looks awesome to me. I dig bold lines. :confused:

class doodles



That’s some good stuff, woof.

done in an hour i guess


ive been hella frustrated the past week, hope it doesnt show too much in my work

What program? :confused:

photoshop cs3

i draw in paint

Ah. Very nice.

Same. :confused:

Its weird to know woof was born a few months before I got my SNES :3

poooop face~! i’m gonna chop off your right/left arm.