Yes folks, I have soiled myself. But then I realized that they didn’t actually confirm anything. So I pushed it back in. Semi-homo.

The gods have smiled upon us, and we shall await this heavenly glory to quench our earthly desires.

Before this news I was thinking today that this year may go down as one of the best “years” for fighting games almost ever (SF4, ST:Rmx, SC4, T6, TvC…). Less arcades, yes, but waaay more and better games. Now when they announce Killer Instinct 3 and Clay Fighter X, the circle shall be complete.

Its gonna suck, end of thread

Quoted from the article…

This is the exact reason I can’t get hyped for this game.

OMFG i was a king at KI gold

Tatsunoko’s licensing problems in the US are hideous, though. Marvel generally has its licensing house in order. So we probably have to import TvC in some fashion and then hope that MvC3 actually happens - but if that happens, it shouldn’t be a problem to get a US release.

That fuckin sucks balls.

Why do they do that. Make dope games…that don’t even hit the states? What a fuckin tease.

Other than that.

There is a god! MVSC3…that just made life easier.

I just read that TvC only uses 4 buttons total. Light attack, medium attack, heavy attack, and switch.

What the nasty? That’s pretty gross. I guess they’re making it pad-player friendly.

That is correct. The command list is out, too, so go check it out if you haven’t already.