Woot Deal - get 10 random marvel comics for 0.99 - SOLD OUT NOW

Act fast and get 10 random marvel comics for 0.99 + 5 dollars shipping.


Sold out now. Slow pokes. Wonder what I’ll get?

crosses fingers for 10 x force 1 variants

Ha - when I was skimming the thread titles, I thought this was “Worst Deal” instead of “Woot Deal.”

So, ten random Marvels for six bucks? Is there any reason this is a better deal than going to a store and getting ten comics from the quarter bin? Or spending six dollars on quarter bin comics? That you can choose?

Well, let us know what you get when you get’em.

Well, since it’s woot, you can get in for 3 and it doesn’t affect shipping, so 30 comics for 8 bucks seemed like a good idea at the time. :looney:

Let us know what shows up when they do :tup:

i was able to snag 30 comics. Woot shipping is a bit slow though…

Wow… i just got my 30 comics and let me say i am sorely disappointed. The product states “10 random comics” which i thought meant each of the orders will be a different 10 random comics. Instead they gave me 3 of each random comic… :annoy:

So which comics did you get?

that IS random