Work Advice (warning: a bit gross, medical)


Alright, need some advice, SRK peeps.

Warning: not for those who are faint of shit.


Alright, I’ve had a constipation issue since I was little, and it comes back every once in a while. When it does, I get nasty stomach aches and feel really sick. So I load up on laxes and blow out. Well, I had off work twice (I work at McDonald’s, whoo teenage years) due to the stomach aches, and today been laxing and trying to feel better. Well, my bitch of a manager wants a doctor’s note. I don’t have one, because you don’t the doctor for this kind of thing, really. I don’t want to lose my job. What should I do?

Thanks, SRK. I go back to work tomorrow. Your advice will be helpful.


Go to the doctors and get a note saying your problem.


Go to work and let it all out on your manager.

/taking bait


@Josh Due to family schedule, I don’t have this option.



Go to the work and get a doctors saying your problem, let it all out on your bait taking the manager note.



How long has your intermittent constipation been occurring (ie how old were you the first time, 2nd time, etc , how long between episodes)?
Have you ever brought this up with a Dr? What did they say?
How old are you?


I’m 17, been happening since I was a baby. Doctors never said much about it. When I was around one or two, used to have to get, um… the name escapes me right now, but those ass-delivered liquid shots. It just happens occasionally, so I never sought to see


have you had to increase the amount of laxatives you take in order to get a bowel movement?
Do you get enough fiber in your diet?


No, and I don’t think I do, which is probably the problem.


Laxatives cause damage to your body when used a lot, they even say on the warning label to not be used for more than a week. Have fruits and benefiber everyday.

What a shitty thread.


Fiber helps you make bowel movements. If you have a history of constipation, it’d be a good idea to get your daily dose. Try those fiber one bars.
You should also see a doctor about it. Constipation at your age can’t be normal.


you would think that having constipation at “regular” intervals would be an issue to take up with the doctor. You would also think that after reading the direction label at the back of the bottle you would have assumed that taking these over a long period of time without some sort of medical advice would be dumb.

You’re gonna lose your shitty job. Because when you tell your manager I don’t go to the doctor for this, or I can’t due to X, he is going to laugh at you. make an appointment talk to a doctor (provided you can because that’s a luxury in this country) and get a damn note.


I don’t take laxes at long intervals, and this isn’t regular… maybe every four or five months? I do need more fiber in my system, I just don t know what to tell my manager.

I’m about to get a shitty raise, too.


sounds like your in some deep shit kid…just go see a damn doctor already…


Looks like you either need to:

  1. Eat more fiber. Get some salads in your diet.
  2. Start self-administering enemas.
  3. Get a tranny to open you up a bit. Ask Missing Person on how to pick one up.


That’s more expensive than the fleet enema, whole wheat bread, and metamucil he needs.

Unless he really wants to take a trip to China…

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