Work from home for extra cash

any info on this. i always wondered about doing this. with game prices what they are now, i could use some extra cash. has anyone ever done online surveys or any other work at home for extra cash. if so how was your experience?

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As I see it.

There are a few ways of making money at home, but either it’s too hard, too time consuming, or there is little money involved, or all three.

Online Surveys can net you money, but only sometimes. Usually, you fill out a survey to see if you qualify, sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t. If you don’t, you don’t get the money, if you do, then you will receive (not very much) money. Many times, these surveys take a while to finish.

You can write articles for blog posts or other websites, but the way you make money is by generating traffic from the blog posts. The more people that read your blog, the more money you generate. You have to use popular keywords that easily show up in search results, or use other means to generate traffic.

There are other ways, too. Amazon Mechanical Turk allows you to do mundane tasks for money, but the rewards are pitiful, and some of the tasks are fake (so you can spend an hour working on a task and find out that it’s not real). Here is the link:

You could also sell things you don’t need anymore. Other than that, it is very hard to make cash from home, and the ones that tell you that you can are usually scam.

Make youtube videos.

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