"Work on your movements, Chap! Dudley Critique Thread



I have decided to create two video threads, one for personal videos where people can who off videos of their matches to get advice and what not. THe second video thread wil contain Important Tourney Matches, Video guide’s etc. This thread is being created to prevent the overflow of threads when people try to learn Dudley and posting videos of your own performance is a great way to learn what you’re doing wrong and become better.

So please if you get the chance, post some videos for us to help you out and we’ll figure this out together.

Note: i will be posting some of my own very soon.




Seeing you lose to that Ryu made me feel less bad about how I lose to Ryu since that looks exactly like how I get beat lol.


lol amazing ryu player


If you’re losing to scrubby Ryu’s like that, the biggest thing you have to realize is that he isn’t respecting your ability to combo, so then don’t respect him back. Throw out two jabs, wait for him to shoryuken and Fierce Punch him, after he takes the 3rd one, he’ll start to block, then just throw him.

In other words: Scrubs don’t respect you, so don’t respect them.


I don’t give anyone respect online, unless its endless battle, even then what are the ground rules for respect? it almost sounds cocky that you have to back off on them. Someone explain this to me please?


There is no such thing as respect online because people just play you dirty and scrubbish. I lose to scrubby shit, too. When they play scrubby, I play defense mode because sometimes they will get impatient. They’ll start to mash buttons right in front of you or grab a lot, so I lure them in and mix it up because they will almost always block low. Usually when you get a couple of combos, try to actually connect them because if you drop the combos they will mash DP you or something lol. I hate it when it happens so you gotta becarefu when you combo through lag because they will be mashing buttons hoping to get a DP out or something.

I only play endless with people I know or people I know that know their friends…if that made sense. o.O

Edit: I will upload some videos soon.


Yeah, I tend to lose to Ryu/Ken a lot for that reason, I do a lot of stuff that doesn’t combo. Silly stuff like jab jab grab doesn’t work when your opponent is mashing a shoryuken. I have to bait them out more like East said.


i just walk up 2 em block a nervous dp punish block repeat rushing down/risky links is just asking to gt a reversal dp just do the basics nuthing flashy


online play drives me insane, there’s no way i can get a read on people over the internet.
i honestly believe that skill translates differently from when you’re playing someone right there in front of you vs. on PSN/XBL
maybe Endless battles with friends can be an exception to that.

i would post vids of me getting blown up, but the most current matches of me are in big ass vids and i dont know how to link with timestamps =(

EDIT: Found Some! But still not very recent, i think i got a little better since then.




vs Hondatech(Chun)

EDIT: Got it guys thanks.


at the end of the youtube url, put "#t=0m0s "

no quotes of course, and replace the first 0 with what minute you want to start at, and the second zero at what second in that minute you want to.

Example. #t=2m3s will start the video at 2 minutes and 3 seconds.


For YouTube vids, add #t=XmYs at the end of your link, where X and Y are minutes and seconds, obviously, such as #t=3m45s

For example, to link to where Dudley starts in that vs. Chris Hu vid, you’d do [media=youtube]ZlxAuNFq6p8#t=0m54s[/media]

edit: too slow :slight_smile:


thanks y’all, was able to add the Rose Matchup


God that Rose vs. Dudley matchup looked exactly how my dudley did vs. arturo’s rose.


yea i got scraped saturday by another rose, thankfully he got taken out in losers so i could avoid him, but it’s still begs the question wtf does dudley do to that bitch?


first of what is their playstyle, and what ultra are you using?


hey guys here are some replays of mine, sorry for the crappy quality have to upload from my HD2 cell

vs strider(abel)

and vs st??(gief)


I have been testing that out, and found a couple of useful tricks. Ultra 1 should be used for this matchup I think.

You can Punish her spiral with U1 on block if its spaced poorly. Um, other than that I dont have a clue on what to do againts her o.x


Good footsies, Peru. I can’t really see the first video beause I think you removed it. But how you kept Zangief out of close rang wih your damaging pokes and anti-air is the best way to beat Zangief, aside from round 2 where I saw you kind of lost it and got you for the final grab without any reactions; it happens to me too though but aside from that mistake your Dudley keeping Zangief out of command grab range is just so good.


thanks man the first one should work here try this link