"Work on your movements, Chap! Dudley Critique Thread



You have absolutely no neutral game.
Work on anti airs and walking forward (from my pov you just look like you don’t know what you want to do, and it shows whenever you land a hit you just go wild like you don’t have any/much experience playing vs people)

Are you really trying to do c.LK>MK target combo as oki?
You canceling that into LP MGB every time as a ghetto OS?

You can use c.LP, c.LK+MK to OS sakura’s sweep and reversals, you’ll recover in time to block everything.

You’re doing too much at once, like. Only use 2-3 anti airs. Looks like you’re grab bagging anti airs every time Sakura jumps.
Try s.MK EX Duck Upper, and LP Jet Upper those are like the top 3

No need for tut this time around you’re going in the right direction.

If I keep going I’m going to repeat myself again(x2) 4 am


Thanks very much, that was definitely one of my sloppier game plays… I been having problems with neutral for the longest… im not quite sure how to improve that one… the execution was sucking that day along with my ability to oki… :(. Def gonna pot some work in


What up peeps I have a week old Dudley thats just waiting to be criticize,hope you enjoy: [details=Spoiler]




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2krmDAO6co&feature=youtube_gdata_player [/details]


Honestly just watch tut and go into the lab and practice your hit confirms with random blocking on and try to learn to do Dudley’s punish combos instead of punishing with throw. From what I saw, you didn’t really put on any wakeup pressure, which is a huge part of Dudley’s game. You gotta put the fear in their hearts. That’s how Dudley can get away with pressuring people. Overall I would say just tut and watch good Dudley players (34, chaotix, smug, kuroken) and just get a feel for when, where, and why they press the buttons that they press.


Thanks for insight man and will do


Need help with Dudley. Used to play with Guile and had around 1500-2000 BP but then took a break from AE for a couple of months, made a new PSN and picked up Dudley as I liked Dudleys rushdown but now every time I go online, I don’t even win one match.

Here’s the clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqR2UZIXFe4&feature=youtube_gdata_player


Start working on your basic:

  • You are not getting your ducks, you need to be able to perform all the special 100/100.

  • Try not to throw random moves (EX mgb)

  • You should punish stuff.

First, watch tut, it will cover all dudley’s basic tools, and more.

To say the truth, you have a long way to go, but start with grinding the basics, perform all his special, know your combos.

And especially tut.


Thanks for the tips. Will defiantly work on those points. I can perform all special 100% of the time, the only one I have trouble with is the duck, were if I’m pressured I can’t do it 100% of the time.

Been playing a few matches and learnt a lot from the tut and I think its safe to say that I’m improving a little bit at a time.


Here’s another vid: https://youtu.be/G90T-q4R2qk
(Hopefully I’ve improved).


it seems like you’ve improved I watched the earlier vid when you posted it. My biggest advice would be that most matchups using dudley you should be no more than half screen from the opponent including evil ryu. learn to stand your ground especially when your health is down. no reason you should be full screen.


Hey everyone, Could you guys/gals critique my Dudley?
All these videos end with me losing in different ways as I’m not that good and the quality is cell phone lol.
I hope to understand where I’m wrong in my playing and how to fix it.

Dudley Vs Adon:

Dudley Vs DeeJay:

MRN_MrFoxington (Gold Glove Dudley) Vs Sh4dey ( Blue Dudley)

Dudley Vs Ibuki

Dudley Vs Ibuki 2 (Good First Round!)

Dudley Vs Oni (I get wrecked trying to predict fireballs)

Dudley Vs Vega


Okay so I’m finally able to consistently win some. Could I get a little guidance to progress?

Dudley Vs. Sakura

Dudley Vs. Juri

Dudley Vs. Dan

Dudley Vs. Makoto 1

Dudley Vs. Makoto 2


Watched Tut? - https://youtube.com/watch?v=OjvsCnWO9Qw

You have to work on your fundamentals. For now I would advise to focus on Anti-airs, Hit-confirms and Punishes.

Some obvious stuff:
Don’t start rounds with h.MGB.
Don’t end your c.LP, c.LP on hit with c.MK. Go for s.HK > MGB or if too far away, c.MP > l.MGB.
Don’t do fancy stuff, keep it simple for now and end ex.MGB in duck upper.
Try to Anti-Air EVERYTHING, s.MK is your friend.


Listen to Ap0. You’re a beginner so start learning the fundamentals of the game and character.
Take a few days off of playing people on/offline and work on everything in level one including the extras.

Above all don’t practice fighting the computer. Learn how to record and playback like its shown in the tut. You’ll grow as a player a lot faster if you learn how to identify and solve your own problems early.


True, I just picked up Street Fighter (first time ever playing) and have only a 5 or 6 month exposure to the game.
My main games were Dead or Alive 3 (Gen & Fei) and Super Smash Bros (all versions - DK & Sonic) so yeah this style of fighting game is new to me.

and Damn, I actually did watch Tut and even completed the lvl 1 requirements (5 anti-airs in a single match & win entire match without jumping). Due to that I thought I was okay, but now being sent back is bittersweet. I’ll do it though, since I want to improve.
Thanks so much for the feedback

Here’s the kicker, I can land all the hit-confirms (c.lp x2 to s.hk to EXMGB) & (c.lk to c.lp to s.hk to EXMGB) & (f.mk to s.hk to EXMGB) & (f.hk to c.lp to s.hk to EXMGB) with 80% consistency in Training Mode with a stale CPU ducking on AutoBlock, but I’m shocked as fighting the computer was all I did to implement what I learned under pressure, Is there any use for fighting the computer then?


fighting the computer is good for learning how to do punish combos and anti airs vs a random moving target. it’s also good for practicing hit confirming. beyond that though, you have to be careful as it can also teach you a lot of bad habits.

the other thing that most newer players (ones that didn’t have to learn fighters back in the day in the arcade vs the cpu because we didn’t have consoles) don’t realize is that different cpu characters have different AI’s.
so specific characters can be used to teach different things. like a character who’s programmed to jump a lot is good for learning anti airs, chun li cpu is good for learning to react to her flip overhead, etc. as long as you realize which character is good for practicing a specific reaction, it can be very useful.

one pretty good example is to play vs cpu ryu and practice reactions to his fireballs and jump ins. don’t bother with jumping in or doing oki or pressure. just learn the spacing you need to react to fireballs and jump ins. it helps a lot when you can do this consistently. (there is actually a way to cheat in this specific example but i won’t mention it as it kind of ruins training potential once you know it)


Guess it’s time to bite the bullet and upload vids of me getting my ass kicked. I’m gonna whore myself out and upload my wins eventually. These matches were from a while back in AE.

Things I learned since



Vega: Anti air with duck under or cr.hk depending on the spacing. Hit confirm into cr.mp after cr.lp instead of st.hk most of the time since st.hk whiffs randomly on his hurtbox. After blocked jumpin hk go for a f.hp since vegas tend to backdash in the middle of block strings. At the end of the match, I tried to go for ex duck straight, should have just went with ex duck upper into ultra for the win
Ibuki: Hit confirm into cr.mp after a cr.lp if she’s crouching, stupid hurtbox. After overhead hit confirm into cr.lk instead of cr.lp, for more stupid hurtbox reasons. Also didn’t punish her ex kazekiri right, gotta reversal mk in order to beat both her options afterwards. There is also a way to time your anti air so you don’t have to worry about her kunai jumpins (didn’t know this at the time), also can duck under. Mitsu will also upload random matches and claim it’s a ft5.
Cody: Keep your mental fortitude. Don’t be predictable with ex duck, also know how to react with ssb after a blocked st.hk into ex duck, also punish zonk knuckles w u1/2 or st.hp. That comeback he made in the first round left me too salty, I swore I teched those throws and reacted to his hopkicks, tl;dr don’t get frustrated and keep a strong mental fortitude. Also: Don’t play against denjinreflex


Hello! I’ve got a video for you guys to critique!
I’m pretty new at this game and at Dudley ofcourse.
Oh and this is AE2012 because I play on PC…


Do people still use this thread? It seems like this board is pretty dead in general. I just started playing Dudley again after playing Evil Ryu for a long time and he spoiled me so now my Dudley is shit and I’m looking to upload some match videos.


Hey guys, This is possibly one of the ugliest matches I ever did, but I’ll readily admit I got points intimidated and froze up super hard, plus this was my first matchup against a seth and i didn’t know anything he could do. Didn’t do any good punishes,no combos EVER, shitty defense, pretty much an awful match that I managed to scrape through, and I don’t want any more matches like this. What’s my biggest failing here? I was really unhappy with this one, tbh, but hey, at least i got me some points [left][/left]