Workers Comp??


So I burned my hand pretty bad at work. The GM took me to the hospital and they bandaged me up.

Now I’m unable to work for at least 2 weeks because my job requires the use of both of my hands.

The only thing they paid for was the hospital bill.

I just found out that I won’t be getting paid for my absence. Do they have the right to do that? Or is that illegal?


what does your contract say?


Varies greatly by state as even if they would have payed for your wages it would be a fraction of what you would have earned. I think you’re screwed though because if you ended up filing a lawsuit it would cost more than what you’d get returned.


i got jumped at work… then they fired me for “misconduct” aftherwards. then they denied my workers comp case as well… it was all on tape… anybody know if i should appeal my workers comp and if i still have any time? it happened on january 30th of this year… sorry to go off track…