Working CPSIII US Third Strike board!

I am selling a working US third strike board…it includes the movelists as well.

Please check this link for details.

Asking 450 US shipped in the states.


How much for the cabinet AND the game? =)

Sorry man the cab is not for sale…getting candy cabs in the midwest is freaking hard man!

I know, hence why I asked :wink: I want to get about 10 candys myself, and I have a whopping 0.

You are in indiana?

You should host gaming parties so i can come play 3s on one of those beauties hehe. :rock:

No kidding it’s hard to get candys in the midwest. I’m in Missouri, and it took me months to find a decent one at a price that didn’t call for extensive lubricants.

I ended up going through a guy named Matsu, out of California. He’s pretty highly recommended, great to work with.

My New Astro City arrives on Friday. Can’t wait!

i jacked off to that pic of the cab.