Working for the rival

Once again I have returned
I was gonna bump my old thread but I dun wanna get in trouble, besides this is better seperate because they are mostly SNK characters, after the Street Fighter Tribute I wanted to go out of my Capcom comfort zone…so here I am again lol.
I pulled from my deviant.

Ukyo Tachibana (I fucking LOOOVVVVEEEE him)

Rock Howard

K-Dash/Prime wateva

Andy Bogard (the better brother lol)

Crimson Ash

and just cuz I like her
she aint SNK but she’s fly, Miss Elektra

I been practicing my coloring :smiley:
Any tips would be awesome!!

Love the original art style. I seen stuff like this before, however never in fighting game characters, looks great. Coloring is great You can smooth out some light sources, but I am tired and honestly it looks good :wink:

I Like the First one and Elektra most.
I remember a Female doing artwork like this too, You guys are dope.

^Thanks u guys
I’m still learning :sad:

btw Daigo Jr…was it u I owed a Jojo picture?
I swear I didnt forget about it, I’ll try to get u that request this week

Haha, I remember asking someone To draw a Bisosn picture because I thought He would look cool with the style of art.
But no Jojo Pics, I can’t play it, We don’t get that In Europe… I think.

EDIT: Yes, It was you. ^_^"
You’re really good at art man, Keep it up.

EDIT EDIT: Do you have a DeviantArt account?

Yup yup! I remember lol, I forgot how to find the old threads even though Rook told me lol
M.Bison is gonna be hard, but I have to try anyways dun worry
and yes my deviant is

AAAAHHHH!!! Thank you!! =]

I’ll be adding you on DA Right away!


^Thank U!!!:lovin::lovin:
Dood ur work is awesome btw
the DOA girl is amazing, where u been hiding?