Working on a Graphic novel, would like some feed back

Hey I am working on a graphic novel,(sorry I have no art) and I am just looking for some feed back. It has been quite a while since i decided to get back into writing this book. I had so many problems finding someone who wants to draw so i kinda gave up. But after a little while and a bit of nagging from friends I’m writing it again and I’ve decided to make a forum for it. I’m not asking anyone here to join it, thats really on you. I just want some feed back on what I am doing.

I have 5 chapters at the moment but i am currently re-writing some of them (only to touch things up a bit).

What am i looking for?

Things i can add, things that don’t make any sense.

so heres th forum

Crystals of Fate Chapter 1 A new beginning