Working on a project...Theoretical question for modders

So I’m currently contemplating a project for a Qanba Q4 RAF stick that I’m going to get next month. I got a couple of ideas floating around in my head, and to determine which idea I’m going to use I wanted to throw quick question to modders out there who might be able to answer. My idea is that I could put a small speaker inside the case where in every time a button is pressed, a sound wav file would play from it.

More specifically, this sound. (Link leads to a WAV file)

And I would also add an small off switch on the side of the casing, in case this gets too annoying for people (although I would never find it annoying at all.) Now my question is, is this feasible or am I just shooting the breeze?

Could possibly do it with an arduino. Keep in mind that space in a qanba isn’t as much as you think since its the bottom of the stick that detaches rather than the top. Also the wires inside the qanba are a pain in the ass, they’re as short as possible and just turn into a mess when you try and mod around them.

Good luck with it though, you should totally add an SD card slot so it’ll play whatevers on there. Make it shout out “SALT!” every time you hit an ultra.

I’ve put a switch for my Qanba mod (LED buttons) inside the USB cable area so its nice and hidden.

I want mine to yell a random Smash TV announcer line when I mash crouch tech in SF4.

“Good luck! You’ll need it!”
“I’d buy that for a dollar.”

CvS2 announcer quotes to! It would be like automatic mindgames!