Working on a remy FAQ

Hey guys, I’m making a Remy FAQ and also using it for my school project. I’m making a website for the project, and it’s basically a way to compile everything I can find about remy into one space enriched with pics and text.

here’s what I have so far

I know you guys might say to use the shoryu wiki , and it is extensive, but I think that the stuff that’s put up here should also be put on a site. There were three videos so far that were useful but they’re gone now. So far I see the super punishment vid, but i’d love to compile all this information into one source

please critique the FAQ and also tell me if anything is wrong. I’d love to put in information on frame data, and i’d put it in if it’s necessary, but i think the most important thing is the gameplay. The FAQ isn’t complete (as you can see) and just note it’ll be put into website form.

The faq was started a few months ago, before i saw the shoryu wiki remy entry, and i saw that the ones on gamefaqs sucked ass.

and don’t kill me :sweat: