Working on Cammy fundamentals, can't do an anti-air normal to save my life

Hey all, I’m doing as the title says. Since I’m so bad I’ve decided to play online with just fundamentals as a way to get better. However, I can’t ever seem to anti-air properly. I either see the opponent jumping and my anti-air whiffs, or we trade/they him me with counter hit.

I need help in the most basic way it looks like. Please help.

There are tons of ways to antiair. When I antiair I try to look out from which range they will jumpin. From far I use far.HK and cr.HP, if they want to jump over I usually use cl.HP or cl.HK ( cr.lp j.LK,) which is mostly used against scrubs who won’t stop crossups (or just mash dp).

If you reflexes are good enough go with Cannonspike. There is no trick to use it, besides “JUST DO IT”. You will develop some muscle memory at some point. Also keep buffering DP during footsies in case they jump. Other than that some people have bad and obvious jumping habits. When I play ranked against not so good players in ranked I just do Cannonspikes because I think they will jump and somehow they always hit but this is a really bad habit just don’t do it lol.
But in the end if you really want a reliable and good antiair just use cannonspike on reaction. Best antiair DP in the game with beefy damage if it’s a counterhit antair.

Thanks for the advice. It is much appreciated. I haven’t been using Cannon spike so much because, again, I was trying to follow the advice of Sciar in his tutorial video from Cross Counter and not doing specials in matches and only using your poke and normal anti-air in games, as well as a punish for a whiffed DP.

Right now I’m just trying to use Cr.HP as my anti-air, but as you mentioned, that doesn’t quite work if they’re close/trying to cross up endlessly, so I’ll incorporate the additional anti-air normals you suggested. Thanks a lot for the advice.

Up close the only normal move AA that you should be using is close hp. If you’re noticing this getting stuffed out cleanly (like vs Sakura j.anything) then it’s time to move to Cannon Spike. The advantage in using close HP is that you also get a walk/dash under mixup once it hits the enemy, while Cannon Spike is invincible and does a bit more damage.

You can also use cr.hp and far hk to antiair but only with the tip of their hitbox. Don’t throw these out against jump ins that are in range for Cannon Spike to hit – use that instead.

Spacing is key. If they jump from far st. HK is your best bet but you have to be able to gauge when they are in range.

Generally I anti air with cl. mp or cl. hp after applying pressure and closing in, they either neutral jump or jump over. In every other instance, I would say Canon Spike fadc Cannon spike