Working on my vid

I’ll most likely have it done and uploaded to Youtube by Saturday night. It will be a compilation of several known T. Blade combos, a tutorial, strategies, and maybe voice commentary!

If you guys feel like voice commentary is needed to guide you through what you see on screen, please say something.

If the video goes past 10 minutes I’ll break it up into parts.

Thanks a lot to those who contributed towards my thread!

I would love voice commentary :smiley:

I figured people would want that, T. Blade is a tremendously hard character to learn concepts/moves for just by looking at a video.

I’ll be sure to commentate, and you can look forward to my other thread having the link to the video on Saturday night!

I have waited my whole life to obliterpone people with my favorite character of any anime series and game since I was 3 years old.

Now, I can watch videos of people killing everyone wiht my favorite character of any anime series and game.

Great things have occurred. Great things.

And now you can play your favorite character too! =D


My video tutorial will be up in 1 hour exactly! The link will be in the Tekkaman Blade Official Tutorial thread at the top.

Note that I had a lot of stage fright and messed up here and there but the video still has my lovely voice narrating throughout.

Please show some support and tell me what I could do better when commentating/recording (other than get a capture card because I know that lol)

OK strike that, Youtube is being a bitch because I passed their time limit by 9 minutes so the video will be up by tomorrow afternoon