Working the Focus Attack into DJ's strategy

As I’m getting more and more to grips with how DJ plays, and having more and more success with him, one aspect of my play is still really under-developed. I almost never focus. My cross-ups are ambiguous, my teching and tick throws are usually solid and unpredictable, my links are okay and getting better, but I still only really FA as a gimmick on wake up occasionally.

I know DJ’s FA is no star like Fei Long’s or Adon’s or whatever, I can’t help but feel I’m missing out on an important tool in DJ’s strategy, especially in certain matchups.

Do any of you veterans out there have any tips on how to work FAs into my game-plan generally, or specific matchups where it’s especially useful?

Cheers guys!

I can’t think of too many uses right now but sometimes if I’m against someone that doesn’t have a lot of armor breaking specials but likes to throw out a lot of pokes (c.HK or st.MP happy Chun’s for example I guess) I’ll sometimes try and absorb a hit and whack them with a level 1 or 2 hoping for the knockdown where you can normaly dash in and get the xx HK Sobat or xx (EX) MGU or scoop them up with the Ultra 2. Apart from that I don’t use it too much except for absorbing some fireballs for meter.

If I’ve got some meter to burn I’ll sometimes press the advantage in the corner and FADC some blockstrings ending in AS and try and get them to crack. I FADC backdash Sobats if they’re unsafe sometimes (depending on how bad they can punish me and my health/advantage at the time)

I’m sure the other guys have got some ideas. I haven’t played in a few days so I’ve forgotten some of it.

using FAs are a preference thing and partly a matchup thing. you wouldnt want to guess FA against someone like Blanka or Honda with an immediate focus break. Due to DeeJay’s FA range, dash and close options not being too great, using Fa is risky. though Ive learned theres no real reason to FA -> dash forward unless doing so from a special, even if you hit them.

my advice overall. just start using it here and there and see how you feel about it. and remember FA was pretty much designed to beat pokes and close range fireballs.

I only use it basically. Doesn’t give any advantage nor throws him forward.

He has like +2 or +3f on advantage after FA2 dash in on block I think, nothing but you can’t charge enough to counter hit s.LK into Ultra 2 :o

I use it on players that i feel are being poke happy or think that they can beat you with raw footsies. Granted this can be dangerous vs some characters so i usually will give it a round to determine what their strategy is before deciding whether focusing a lot is a good idea. This is especially nice for characters who have cancels into moves with longer startup times (like claw and abel for example) because if you’re at close to max range with it you can tag them with the focus before the move is active. otherwise i’ve got no real use for it.

I use it religiously when I play Makoto or Fei Long, but when I’m on Deejay it’s only for characters without good counters for FA’s. Particularly Ken, Chun, or Sim from the right distance to get into EX Sobat range.

It’s not really a great focus, but it gets the job done when I feel like charging isn’t a better option.

FA backdash/Dash on wakeup has saved my ass sometimes.

Fei, Makoto, Rog, and Dhalsim all have hard times with FAs so I use it against them.

How have you been using it against Dhalsim?

Against Dhalsim it’s kinda weird. If he air teles to my side I’ll focus and absorb his limbs (online dhalsims loooooove teleport+stretch Armstrong).

Other than that I focus through his limbs and advance him to the corner. Then I just pressure with jabs and throws. Dhalsim cracks in the corner because he has no viable solution to pressure.

I try not to jump and cross him up because he’ll just slide out of the corner for free.

was doing some framedata work.

after you let go of a focus attack these are the frames of start up after the absorption goes away.
DeeJay’s focus attack lvl 1 has an 11 frame start up and hits on the 12 frame absorption (12 frame execution)
DeeJay’s focus attack lvl 2 has a 10 frame start up and hits on the 11th frame after absorption (11 frame execution)
DeeJay’s focus attack lvl 3 has a 0 frame start up and hits on the 1st frame after absorption. Hits the 14th frame after release.

i’m not sure how many other people’s focus attacks work like this. I assume chun’s does because she has the best focus in the game according to most people.

I only focus when I want to spend some meter on a flashy combo lol. If they crumble and you dash up and hit them with cr.lp you can do any of your normal combos. For instance I use cr.lp, cr.lp,, heavy sobat FADC into dash forward, then the same thing but end with a EX MGU if I got them in the corner into U2

Only viable solution if they are around less from half screen to the corner I guess? :stuck_out_tongue:

I focus when I predict a move like Chun li’s flip kick when she catches me crouching.

I very rarely use it. It feels like it has absolutely no length.

That’s what she said.

Can’t…control it…sorry…

This guy!

I use the focus attack against fireball characters when I really need to go on the offense. It takes people by surprise to see Dee Jay start focus dashing at them.
Another use is to get crumble on sweep happy foes, chuns, guiles, kens, etc.