Working with 24 AWG wire

I’ve been looking around Slagcoin and it seems that 24awg wire is preferred in stick modding. I’m preparing to eventually mod a couple sticks so I’m buying supplies and stuff now. Thing is a lot of stuff carried by stores seems to stop at 22AWG wire.

For instance, I simply can not seem to find a crimping tool for 24awg. Also I’ve only seen one place that sell 24awg quick disconnects ( ).

So I’m wondering, how do you guys go about working with 24awg wire. It seems at Slagcoin he tins the wire then solders them into QD’s but what size is he soldering into and what tool is used to crimp? Would a 22AWG QD and crimp tool work on 24AWG if that method is used?

Personally I like to solder my joints whenever possible, since that will ensure the best possible contact and I don’t have to buy any QD :stuck_out_tongue:


Shouldn’t be a problem, 22-24 is fine. Most 0.110" disconnects handle 18-22AWG wire.

Well the biggest draw for 24AWG wire for my is that I can get a pack of multicolored wire for a good pirce ( ). I can have a setup similar to what’s in the Madcatz SE and TE sticks.

This, you don’t need any diffrent tools or QDs.

Yeah, 24 AWG tends to be ideal, but 22 or 26 isn’t far from it. The new Madcatz joysticks even use 22.

If you want to be a total cheap ass just cut an old Ethernet cord up. Usually has around 8 different coloured wires and is a great size for pcb modding.

In the lengths you are talking about inside a stick, the relative difference in impedance between 22AWG and say, 24AWG is minuscule to the point of being a complete non issue.

I it’s not an issue of impedance, it’s a matter of ease of use. I can get stranded 24AWG in 10 colors in an easy to use package, and it’ll be stranded and flexible enough for easy soldering, and should be able to work doe stick modding and pad hacking. In theory.

Sounds like its not even ease of use but availability that is driving this.

And yeah, in that case, go with what you can get.

Another alternatives:

Ethernet cable (cat5) can be used in place of trying to bundle a crap load of wires.

Similarly, if you need a TON of wires routed together, round IDE cable can serve the same purpose.

Damn, that is pretty nice. Good find!

I found the link at slagcoin. I remembered seeing a pick somewhere a while ago but it took time for me to remember where.