World 8 Road to SCR: SSBM Tourney 2/8/14


World 8 LA is looking for a SSBM player to represent us at this years’ Socal Regionals 2014. This will be out to two tournaments, the overall winner of the two will be selected as our representative for Socal Regionals 2014.

Address: 1057 S. Vermont Ave. Los Angeles, CA, 90006 (On the corner of 11th St. and Vermont Ave.)

Phone number: (213)389-5212 (If running late please call with name.)

Sign ups will start at 3pm on Saturday 2/8/14, 2/

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Facebook event link:

Venue - $5 Game - $5

Please bring your own controllers.

There will be a cash prize for winners.

Singles (Can also host doubles after if interested.)

Super Smash Bros. Melee will take place on Nintendo Gamecube console.

Stock 4 - Time 8 minutes.
Items off

2 out of 3 games for a match set in pools and semis.

Winners Finals, Losers Finals, and Grand finals consist of 3 out of 5 games.

After a game has concluded, winner must stick with same character and order for the next game.

Loser has option of switching team and order and also taking player side of choice.

Game breaking glitches are banned.

Turbo button features are NOT allowed.

Pausing a game will result in forfeit of that round unless the opponent chooses to waive this option.

Tournament is double elimination.