World Game Cup 2010, Cannes (France) - Daigo, Fuudo, Eita

Hey guys !

I didn’t see any post about this competition held in Cannes (south-east of France if you’re bad in geography :bgrin:).

Since I live there, I thought I could give you the results of the differents SFIV tournaments day by day.

Here are the plannings:

So there are a total of 5 tournaments :

And finally here are the results ! (I will upgrade this part every day):

When you don’t know the player, I suggest you to check their level on youtube, some french players like Starnab (fei long), Luffy (rose), Renegad (boxer), LordDVD (Honda), Evans (Fei Long), Yamazaki93 (Ryu) are really good.

I work until 6PM so I can’t participate / watch all the games ! :crybaby:
Sorry for the mistakes and when I don’t have the name of the players.
I think the vids will be uploaded on
8 players will be qualified for the finals, 2 wednesday, 2 thursday and 4 friday



**Eita **(Gouki) defeated **Evans **(Fei Long) 2-1 in a VERY close game, Evans could have ended the match in the 2nd game but missed an ultra opportunity, Eita didn’t know the fei long match up at all, a lot of sweep punishment with rekkas.

**Daigo **(Ryu) defeated ? (Gouki)

**Fuudo **(Ryu) defeated ?

**Renegad **(Boxer) defeated **Starnab **(Fei Long) 2-1 in a very close game


**Daigo ** defeated **Eita **(Gouki) 2-1, crazy games …

**Fuudo **(Ryu) defeated **Renegad **(Boxer) 2-0, a nice dash ultra by renegad but fuudo footsies are godlike. That’s sad cause Renegad defeated Daigo in exhibition matches the afternoon so we all thought he could defeat fuudo ! :wink:

Some pics here:


I came late so I don’t have all the results

Kilivan(Gief) defeated ?(Ryu, from Belgium I think)

Eita(Gouki) defeated ? (?)

Ryan Hart(Ryu) defeated ? (?)

**Renegad **(Boxer) defeated **Starnab **(Fei Long)

Eita(Gouki) defeated **Renegad **(Boxer) 2-0, nice games

Ryan Hart(Ryu) defeated Kilivan(Gief) 2-1, very close games, Kilivan could have taken it but he missed his jump after landing his ultra :slight_smile:


I couldn’t see the master series

Master series
The players qualified are :
**Alioune **(Sagat)
**Evans **(Fei Long)
**Deminion **(Guile)
**Yamazaki93 **(Ryu)



**Yamazaki93 ** (Ryu) defeated **Evans **(Fei Long)
**LordDVD **(Honda) defeated **Renegad **(Boxer), PS: Renegad defeated Fuudo in 1/4

**Eita **(Gouki) defeated **Jin **(Ryu)
**Daigo ** defeated **Luffy **(Rose), very close game

**LordDVD **(Honda) defeated **Eita **(Gouki)
**Daigo ** defeated **Yamazaki93 ** (Ryu)
**Daigo ** defeated **LordDVD **(Honda)

Winner 2vs2 tournament: Daigo / Eita

Sorry guys but I just came back from Cannes and I didn’t have internet to update the topic
So this is for the master series:*

And this is for the solo tourney :

loser bracket final :
daigo(ry) vs luffy(ro). daigo(ry) won

fuudo(ry) vs daigo(ry). fuudo won (1st set : 0-3, 2nd set 3-2, crazy games)

Vids :

wow nice,thanks a lot for posting.

when do you think the vids will start to come out?

I have no idea :stuck_out_tongue:
They asked us not to film so they can put high quality vids on their website (for free ;)).

Really good in your part Krabe lets wait for some great matches/videos , i love watching tournaments :slight_smile:

Where is Alioune? :confused:

He almost never participates in tourneys :s

Thx for this Krabe. Keep us posted man.

Too bad Alioune didn’t attend the tournament. His Sagat is godlike.

Do you know if Mago, JWong, Ryan Hart and Zak will be there?

Btw who qulified yesterday? Daigo or Fuudo?

Krabe are they doing a live stream? I can bring my streaming stuff if they have internets there.

Ryan will be there, Zak can’t make it because of exams.

Here’s the registration list for SFIV singles:

Pedobear on top of Justin, interesting.

It would be awesome if you could do a stream, cause it seem’s like they are not streaming anything.
Hopefully they are cool with that.

I don’t think there’s a stream.
They a recording the best matches, that’s for sure.

About the Daigo - Fuudo final, it should have been played 3 hours ago.
I’m leaving work now and I will be heading to Cannes.

With these master tournaments, let say Daigo wins, he does not enter tomorrow for example but Fuudo would have another shot?


no way…kuroda ino and mov are gonna play 3s…hope its recorded

i check the list. I see Jwong(Justin Wong?), and Tokido. Wonder if they are the real thing or just another person the same name.

jwong is a fake entry. The only ones that are certain are the ones in green.

It seems like people are using the pre-registration system to fuck around a bit. :frowning: