World Heroes 2 JET !! The jet that surpasses world heroes perfection!! Supreme ultimateness!!


Extreme exciting epicness!! World Heroes 2 JET innovates and revolutionizes things in even greater essence!!
It also has more consistent tournament feel and atmosphere than other tournament themed games!!
it has even greater passion and ambition than WHP!! And that is clear with how the tournament mode is presented,
as well as the other mode which even allows choosing your next opponent!! So much amazing stages that
have exclusive one of a kind art and details!! So much amazing things to the animations, graphics,
you can even lay on the ground face down! So ultimate! and WH2 JET introduced dashes and CLASHES with
perfect design and balance, so clashes can happen quite often when two attacks collide, increasing the
ultra ultimate intensities!! And the tournament mode is one of a kind going up against 3 opponents with
amazing presentation and visuals!!
So epic that it even creates a new level of epic super ultra hyper excelsior supreme ultimateness!!
It surpasses even words!!


Here are more WORLD HEROES 2 JET videos so you can see a glimpse of the surpasser of 2D fighting perfection!!


the supreme ultimateness always puts up a great fight!!