World Heroes Anthology

Shipped yesterday (3/11), hope everyone’s supporting SNK on this one as we definitely need more old-school goodness on the PS2. I own the import and have a preorder on the NA version, here’s hoping it shows up within the next couple of days.

Probably common knowledge by now, but for those who aren’t familiar, this game shipped in Japan a couple of months back as World Heroes Gorgeous, and contains the following:

  • World Heroes
  • World Heroes 2
  • World Heroes 2 Jet
  • World Heroes Perfect

SNK Press Release:

My World Heroes Anthology review on GameFAQs:

Awesome WHP strats:

As stated in the above thread, WHP might just be the best fighter you’ve never played, well worth taking a look at if you’re looking to get into something new. And if anyone gets their hands on it, please post so I can start bugging my local GameCrazy! :wgrin:

Agreed everyone support…and support the tournaments either I, Josh, or others will be holding for World Heroes Perfect in at FRXI and in the near future!!!

-Dark Geese

I’m definitely getting this one.:woot:

Thanks for the reminder, I will be ordering this soon.

Waku Waku 7 Money Match at EVO World/MWC?

Man you still set trippin’ over that? I figure there would be many more SNK games deserving of a TV than our Waku Waku 7 MM. I’ll do it for like $10, I sure as hell do not want to take time away from other, much better games.

I will definitely be picking this up along with FFBA1

Yeah I saw that today. Too bad fucking gamestop doesn’t have it. I’m going to have to go down to Chinatown this weekend to pick it up.

Well of course duh…but a a Money Match is quick…real quick…so it won’t be anything long trust me…

I mean it aint like we are having a tournament in the game lol.

It will be gross, and hilarious. So yeah it’s on.


Already ordered mine. I am itching for some World Heroes!

If anyone can find anything interesting in Jet, please let me know. I’ve tried, and that game just seems deathly boring to me.

Perfect is all kinds of awesome, and now you’ll be able to practice it on PS2 with no lag. GOGOGO!

I had no idea it was already out. I’ll try hunting for it tomorrow, if I have the time.

I’ll try hunting it down myself.


picking up a copy friday.

preordered mine today from cduniverse. it may be a bit pricier but i live in south america and is the fastest-safest bet for me.

thanks for the reminder. imma pick this one up.

Jet plays too similar to the previous games in the series (1 Punch, 1 Kick, and a Throw/Taunt button of all things) to hold my interest for any length of time. Perfect on the other hand is a complete revelation, the numerous upgrades to that game (3 strength attack system, ABC, Hero, Supers, etc. etc.) make it completely unlike any other game in the series, which is definitely for the better.

Just to give you a little history from my perspective, when the WH games were originally released all those years ago, I played WH 1 & 2 quite a bit but never got the chance to play Jet or Perfect; I only read about them in magazines like Gamefan. WH 1 & 2 were in arcades all over the place in my area (even if no one really played them), and the SNES ports actually might have done more for the popularity of the series than the arcade.

I know I played the crap out of WH2 on my SNES. The characters were ridiculous, but they also had this weird kind of charm that held my interest longer than Fighters History, Art of Fighting or any of those other colorless SF2 knockoffs. The game even inspired me to start learning Japanese, I went down to Little Tokyo and picked up the WH2 Gamest guide, then bought a couple of translation books and started studying up.

I don’t think anyone really took the series seriously back then, at least not from what I remember. After all, every arcade that had a World Heroes game in their NeoGeo cabinet also had a CE or HF cab in the vicinity, and why drive a Honda when you’ve got a Ferrari sitting in the garage? As a result, maybe a lot of arcade operators didn’t get big returns on their WH 1/2 investments and decided to skip on Jet and Perfect. Or maybe I just lost interest and never bothered seeking those games out… it’s all a blur to me now.

In any case, when I finally got the chance to play WHP via this collection, I was blown away at the difference in quality, it’s almost as though ADK kept the characters and the title, but threw everything else out the window and started from scratch. Too bad some people will see the words “World Heroes” in the title and laugh it off, WHP deserves better.

You may not believe this, but there’s a little arcade next to the movie theater near my house that STILL has a NeoGeo cabinet with WH2. At least it was there the last time I checked, maybe a year or so ago. I think I need to take some time this weekend to go down there and start tossing boats and sharks at fools, just like the old days.:wgrin:

Beat me to it…

Support SNK!!!

P.S. Kim Dragon = Rock Lee
You heard it here first.