World Heroes Perfect 5/2 Results

We ended up with 12 people, actually 13 since someone stepped in as a replacement - not bad for a tourney on one day’s notice, and people really seemed to enjoy this game. Good times!

Full results:

1.) Keits (Beat by rashreflection) - J.Carn, Mudman, Dragon
2.) rashreflection (Beat by Keits, Keits) - Capt.Kidd, Jack, Ryofu, Janne, Gokuu, Dragon
3.) Nocturnal (Beat by Keits, Rash) - Mudman
4.) Lord BBH (Beat by Rash, Rash) - Muscle Power, J.Max, Rasputin
5.) Ghostpilot LATE ENTRY (Beat by Rash) - Shura, Kidd, Muscle
5.) DeadlyRave-Neo (Beat by Noc, BBH) - Muscle
7.) RushedDown (Beat by BBH, Keits) - Erick, Dragon?
7.) Krost DQed then LATE ENTRY into same spot (Beat by Ghostpilot, Noc) - Erick
9.) Kagerou (Beat by BBH, Deadly) -
9.) Antonius LATE ENTRY (Beat by Krost) -
9.) Somnus LATE ENTRY (Beat by Nguman) - Hanzou
9.) Nguman (Beat by Deadly then DQed himself) -

Grand finals went as follows:

Keits vs. Josh

1st set:

Carn vs. Kidd
Carn vs. Kidd
Carn vs. Ryofu
Carn vs. Ryofu

2nd set:

Dragon vs. Ryofu
Dragon vs. Ryofu
Dragon vs. Kidd

The finals are uploading to Youtube as we speak - I will reply with the links once they’re done! Expect to see other matches from the tournament soon, as well.

'Til next time,

Grand finals can be found here! More to come later…

Howdy. I should have two videos saved from matches.
Vs. BBH and a set of Casuals if you want 'em.
I ended up being player 2 vs. BBH and was player 1 in the Casuals.

I still regret having to bow out to DeadlyRave, but those connections problems were an enigma.

Just let me know who to send the *.krec to.

Sorry for dropping from chat before the tourny officially ended, but I was expecting company from out of town.

Thanks again for the initial invitation!
This was fun.

When you guys gonna do this again? I wanna get in on some of this. Or maybe a Breakers online tourneyhint hint