World Heroes Perfect is the ultimate world fighting game on the whole planet!! World ultimateness!!


Oh yea you first heard it here! The legendary relevations of World Heroes Perfect!! The ultimate fighting series ever!!!

now World Heroes is worthy to get a team representing in in KOFXV. perhaps there could even be a new World Heroes created too!

World Heroes team in KOF XV can include:



Ryoko Izumo

So as you can see, World Heroes is really one of SNK and the planet’s greatest masterpiece fighting series and it can be revolutionized and epicnized even further!!
cue world woosh aura sound effect. woooooosh.


Anyone know if I should pick this up for Sega Saturn or the PS2 version on the anthology? Any difference?

Also agree they should have a team in KoF. So should every SNK fighting game.


I haven’t researched those versions, but I think World Heroes Jet recently appeared on PS4, with World Heroes Perfect rumored to appear on Switch japan (which could eventually come to PS4.) I think they are hamster ports and they are arcade perfect, at least they feel like it. I have ACA Samurai Shodown on PS4 and I think that’s as arcade perfect as that game can get on console.