World Heroes Perfect: Join #srksnk on efnet! Frame Data for almost half the cast!


UPDATE ON EMULATOR OF CHOICE - We are now using the 2df client, which is launched from . Bring your questions to #srksnk on EFnet (IRC)

UPDATE on MATCHMAKING - We are using the channel #srksnk on efnet (IRC) to do matchmaking now, and it should be less painful than AIM.

EDIT EDIT - Its been suggested we form some kind of chat room to see who is online and willing to play. Though, AIM works great in my opinion, im not the only one that matters. So, if anyone has suggestions on that (mIRC, something else?), that would be lovely. Anything to help the scene grow in size and skill.

Edit - Lets use the same terminology people, so we know what we are talking about!
EX - Your special move that, when performed with full hero bar, causes super flash and changes properties.
Super - The new move you gain access to when you have 50% or less health
Hero Super or EX super - Performing your Super with full Hero bar. <— List of other terms AND useful game features.

World Heroes Perfect is the best game you’ve never played. Josh has described it as ‘the bridge between ST and GG’… and its hard to disagree (Though I called it a mix of ST and Darkstalkers). This game has got it all~

-15+ out of 17 characters are viable at high level in a tournament.
-Every character has tons of BS to abuse, bringing about a strange balance out of chaos.
-damage is HIGH, allowing dramatic comebacks and quick gameplay
-this game is feature-packed. tons of interesting and sometimes unique gameplay systems reside in WHP.
-Its easy to pick up and play, and special move inputs are rather forgiving (excluding a bug that effects some charge motions, that can easily be worked around with 5 minutes of practice)
-Its characters may look like cheesy ripoffs, but the way they play is so refreshing and unique.
-Yomi Layer 6!

This is the new thread for infomation about high level WHP. <— Go here to check out match videos. <----- Keits’ Option Select Throw Guide Read it, its easy and will improve your game by a LOT

We play WHP online over kaillera P2P, and our community of interested and skilled players is growing fast. Why? Because WHP is crack. Here is a rollcall of all the P2P WHP players and their AIM names, so you can get in touch with everyone and get involved.

If I posted your aim name up and you want it taken down, let me know.

P2P WHP Players:
Keits (aim- rockeits) - Plays every character except gokuu, Mains Mudman and Carn
Josh (aim- bigjoshWCW) - Kidd, Gokuu, Muscle, Ryofu, Fuuma, Carn
MasterChibi (aim - AkarIchijo) - Ryoko, Janne
Krost (aim- Federal Welfare) - Erick, Jack
LeeBeeLink (aim- Leebeelink) -
X1ggurat (aim- X1ggurat) - Brocken
BoringRyu (aim- BAD Magy) -
Goukisan (aim -hisownbestbud) - J.Max
DoubleKO -
prnzokoshiro (aim- PrnzoOltra) -
4649 (aim- crashpow) - Shura, Mudman
DeadlyRave Neo (aim- aim gonzoraveneo) - Muscle, Dragon
Z!M (aim- ZIMinaglasshouse) -
God2.0 (aim - -
caliagent#3 (aim - chemistren) -
30-60-90 (aim - omgtheresnotime) - Dragon
Master_Amado (aim?) -
Mendicant Joe (aim - CorneliusAlpha) -
Sanjuro the Ronin (aim - odboncrack) - Muscle Fuuma Ryofu

So, lets move the WHP discussion into this thread, and ill keep this top post up to date with a roster of active P2P players so we can all get awesome and abuse taunt-canceling to create new yomi layers.

**Current Tier List **(This is a guestimation. Actual tiers will be based on the MATCHUP CHART’S RESULTS. Also note that the difference tends to be marginal, and i’m convinced that every character can be competitive.)

S- Hanzou, Kidd
A- Fuuma, Rasputin, Carn, Dragon, Erick, J.Max, Mudman, Ryoko, Ryofu, Jack
B- Brocken , Muscle,
C- Janne, Shura, Gokuu <— Josh’s character introductions for new players, part 1. <---- Part 2 <-- Rasputin offensive options


Combo Creation Frame Information VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ -

Hanzou -
Erick -
Rasputin -
Dragon -
Ryofu -
Jack -
Ryoko -
Mudman -
Fuuma -
Brocken -

Was World Heroes garbage?

Nice thread name!!! :tup:


Excellent thread name!


yomi layer six is MIND BENDING


WTF does YL6 supposed to mean anyway?


oh you’ll see soon enough my friend



Oh man I want to learn WHP so bad!!! Can some one Pm me with said “stuff” to get on kaillera. I want to learn and play with Kidd cause sharks rock my socks off!!


First post edited to include info on getting your Mame w/ P2P running.


Hell yes peoples, hit me up whenever I’m on AIM. I also use some Shura & Janne, probably others too.

I see the tier list a little bit differently right now…here’s my version, complete with quick character descriptions!

BANNED: Neo-Dio, Zeus
S: Hanzou
A+: Capt.Kidd, Fuuma, J.Carn
A: Ryofu, Mudman, Rasputin, J.Max, Dragon, Jack, probably Ryoko
B: Erick, Muscle Power, Gokuu, Brocken
C: Shura, Janne

Hanzou is just plain sick, though not the easiest to use to his full potential. The double-jump singlehandedly screws some characters. The DP cannot be air-blocked when it hits “deep” - a number of other anti-air specials can. His teleports can kill slower characters. And to top it off, his ABC is basically a free roman cancel, and it allows for great rushdown & infinites (dashing HK or dashing HP). In terms of matchups, I would compare him to ST Dhalsim: No disadvantages, but a good portion of the cast can hang with him. His ground pokes aren’t the best, and his EX move & super are among the worst in the game.

Fuuma may end up #2, honestly - he has NO truly bad matchups as far as we can tell. We thought he was trash when starting out, because he does no real damage, but his strengths don’t become apparent until you play a variety of matchups with him. He has the same double jump as Hanzou, plus a wall jump, so he mainly wants to fight you in the air. His DP is better than Hanzou’s, as it hits behind him and thus can stop crossups. His ABC moves are feints, too slow to be useful as cancels but noticeable enough to actually fake people out. His EX isn’t particularly good, but his supers sure are; the giant fireball does nice chip, and the dive can cross you up while you’re blocking it. The final bit of goodness is his air-to-ground throw, performed with a shortened HCB motion (stop at d/b) and HP. This basically makes every single jump of his into a souped-up Akuma demon flip, which forces the opponent into a difficult guessing game - one they can’t even DP out of, thanks to the double-jump!

Beginners tend to play Capt.Kidd like Guile, but that’s only a small sample of what he has to offer. He has a great air game, with j.MK and j.HK as great priority & crossup attacks. The MK even autoguards during its startup. Combine this with the fact that most of his normals can be jump-canceled, and he can destroy characters without a solid reversal His EX is one of the best, an invincible projectile that stuns the opponent for further combos, and his super is a command grab without much range but with a quick motion. Finally, there are his hop infinites: Low HP -> d/b+ABC xN on most crouching characters, and neutral HK -> d/b+ABC xN on standing & a couple crouching characters. He rates below Hanzou and possibly Fuuma mostly because he has a hard time against Carn.

Carn may or may not belong this high, we need to see if he can handle ninjas - my current hunch is that he can, but we can’t say for sure yet. The guy hits hard and has great priority on a number of normals (slides, s.HK, f+MK, anti-air low HK). He actually has a wall jump, which makes his j.HK annoying because of the angle. Awesome set of specials - torpedo beats almost anything, the flying ball can cross up or hit in front depending on the version used, and the flame punch is a safe invincible anti-air (well, anti-everything really). His EX is pretty meh (damage, but no invincibility), but his super is arguably the best in the game - that geyser does SO MUCH CHIP, it gives him frame advantage on block, and the Hero version is completely invincible. His hopkick & short slide give him a frustrating offense, as he can throw you or flame punch or even Hero super! Not sure if he has any bad matchups honestly…

Ryofu is the definitive easy-mode character…noobs always think he rapes the game, as we used to. He lives off of his godlike priority & damage and fantastic air game. Air ABC is great, as he can cling to the ceiling for a while or drop in any direction to attack with j.HK. The EX flame breath is invincible and safe on block, but there are a number of ways to avoid it, and his super does nice chip but is easy to avoid. One of his main problems is that just about all of his good moves have HUGE recovery when whiffed. Additionally, he only has one good anti-air move, s.HP, and it is rather slow and does not hit right above him. And due to his lack of overheads or even good throw setups, opponents can run out the clock once they get a lead on him. He gets killed by ninjas & Kidd, and other annoying fast characters (e.g. Dragon, Ryoko) match up very well with him.

Mudman is an interesting one. Some nice projectiles, slides, a hopkick, and a no-charge anti-air special. His hurricane does nice chip and is safe. His EX is a fast invincible projectile. Lacks in damage, but his other well-rounded tools make up for it. He becomes especially dangerous once his life is in the red - his super is unblockable, and he can land it from a few different knockdowns in the corner. Outside the corner is risky since people can backdash on wakeup. Seems to have difficult matchups with great poking characters.

When starting this, we thought Rasputin was #1, as Keits beat all of us at Evo World easily without any practice. His low MP is even better than A2 Rose’s, just damn near impossible to beat and he can cancel to his projectiles for more pressure. Anti-air is also very solid, with neutral HK & HP. The projectiles are great, and the different timing on them can mess with your opponent’s head. And his EX has some invincibility and does CRAZY chip. However, the super is down there with Hanzou’s for worst in the game - there are Japanese matches on Youtube where he lands it after knockdowns, but this should never ever happen since you can always jump out of it. He has no solid reversals except for that EX, and he deals rather little damage. The ninjas’ double jump gives him a hard time, Ryofu beats him with pokes & air game, Brocken fights him very well due to his range, and Gokuu can run away on the cloud if he gets a lead.

J.Max is kind of the Dudley of this game, a character who hits hard and has a great high/low. Close HP is an overhead, low MK is his best low, and both can combo into qcf+LK into jump canceled HK. The jump cancel also makes LK tackle safe on block. His DP is great, enormous hit area and damage. His priority is rather poor, but trading hits usually wins him the game. He’s got great anti-projectile tools, also - he can slide, catch & throw projectiles back, and head dive over things. The EX is pretty good, invincible with good chip and crossup potential. His super is one of the best, I swear that thing comes out in 3 frames or so…combos from practically anything and can punish some things that are usually safe, AND it has almost no recovery. He has especially tough matchups against Erick & Mudman, who can get around all of his anti-projectile stuff, and Kidd, who can infinite him especially easily. I would suspect he has a hard time against great pokes, as well…

Dragon is a ridiculously fast annoying git who gets major air priority from his wall jump. Low damage (aside from his ABC counters!), but he can rush you down constantly with his normals and qcf+LK. His dragon kick is great since it has no charge time and he can jump off the wall afterward, and the EX version is pretty good as well. His super is just about as useless as Hanzou’s, he cannot combo into it and it doesn’t do anything else well. Rather basic but effective character, who doesn’t dominate but seems to have very well-balanced matchups.

Jack is most well-known for his abusable s.HK & low MK, but he’s no one-trick pony. QCF+P and HCF+K both do great chip damage, the QCF+P can also cross up and fly over projectiles, and the HCF+K can also be used as anti-air and hit people mashing out of pressure strings. His air game is pretty good, with autoguard j.HK and j.HP/j.MK for crossup combos and other purposes. The EX is not that great, just for combos really since it’s unsafe. The super covers a large portion of the screen and chips well. His tough matchups are against people who can beat his ground pokes (Ryofu, Raspy, etc.), as that’s the foundation of his game.

Ryoko is perhaps the most difficult character to use and to evaluate. She does poor damage, even on her command grab, but she shares a lot of Dragon’s strengths (speed/wall jump/air priority). A good deal of her difficulty comes from using her bajillion autoguard normals, as that property is only present during the first few startup frames. f+MK knee gives her some good offense. Her DP+MK allows her to attack on the way down, making it pretty safe against some characters. QCB+P is considered a projectile and delivers tons of chip damage, same with the EX version (forget how much invincibility it has). Her d/f+HP and d/f+HK roll under a lot of things and hit low, and she can kara-cancel the HP version into command grab/DP+MK/super! She’s one of the characters I understand the least, so I can’t say a whole lot about her matchups - she can go toe to toe with Ryofu, I know that much!

I think I’ll stop here and finish this in the next post…



add my aim: crashpow
i play shura, sometimes mudman


Some things to note for Ryoko:

There are somethings she obviously can and can not counter (whether or not they make sense is another story all together). She can counter Erick’s headbutt, but she can not counter Carn’s tackle for instance. I believe there are also instances where she can not seemingly low counter what SEEMS to be a low, but can high counter said move instead. More on that as Keits helps me to further develop the character.

s.MP is a great normal to run in and dash with. It has some priority to it that will shut down (annoy) those characters that like to start going into down and back at certain points (like Jack charging for his EX). c.MP hits twice, on the way in and out. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it.

And while it may seem that she has difficulty winning, it’s her ex grab (and more so with Hero bar) that makes her a force to be dealt with. I’ve had matches against Keits where I’m pretty much a chip or two away from death and I manage to get that mugger throw in on his character with 60% life and shit changes completely. The range on it is also pretty damn good. I’ve grabbed the limbs in some matches with mugger throw, and in a few cases outright prioritized a move that already out to begin with (spinning top with Jack for example).

Some dumb set ups I have for ex-hero mugger throw (6, 41236+ABC).

Run under someone who jumps straight up to bait your 623+FK, then go for mugger throw.

Empty high or low counter, mugger throw (this is my favorite set up, haha).

Run up TAUNT, mugger throw.

Standing MK, wait for it, mugger throw.

On an opponet’s wake up you can jump straight up if you know your opponent likes to throw alot, then mugger throw.

And you can do DF+FP and use the DF to buffer into mugger throw as well.

For ways to get around the screen try going with DF+FP and canceling into 623+FK (the invincibility will help you move you about). Ryoko’s also got a wall jump and a fast back dash as well.

I haven’t really gotten the hang of her auto-guard normals yet, but I will, with time.

And thus far the characters I’ve really had trouble playing against are Carn, Fuuma, and Mudman. Fuuma for his mobility, but Carn and Mudman for the ability to create an absurdly quick and tight offense, and more so for their DUMB good supers (fuck you mudman).

More on her as I continue to play.


yo yo yo put me in this shit DeadlyRave-Neo (aim gonzoraveneo) muscle power,dragon


ok so I get off work at five tomorrow so after that ill get everything for P2P play and throw down on some WHP. Aim:z!minaglasshouse. hit me up on aim about 6 cause i need some one to take me under their wing and teach me this game. later.


Erick hits hard in general and has one of the strongest zoning games. His projectile is the most damaging in the game, it is the fattest (read: difficult to avoid), and it always knocks down. The Thor Hammer is an unbeatable anti-air that cannot be air-blocked. Additionally, his normal pokes are excellent, and a lot of them have autoguard during their startup. His flying headbutt has high priority and does great damage, too. This doesn’t make him sound like a B tier character, but he falls apart if the opponent can close the gap and pressure him. The Thor Hammer only covers a rather specific distance, and he has no good answers to air attacks up close. As such, he has bad matchups against a decent number of characters.

Muscle Power has the traditional grappler tools and some extras. The dropkick beats lots of things and is FAST, knocks down too. j.MP is one of the highest priority moves in the game, period - I have beaten DPs with it! His sweep, great to begin with, can be jump-canceled, allowing him to harass characters without DPs. One of his strongest features is his ability to do 35-40% damage from a low short: Low LKx2, Low MK xx LK Lariat, Low MK xx Dropkick. He also has a decent overhead (Neutral HP) that combos into the dropkick. More importantly, he is the only character who can throw you from the d/b position (d/b+HP), allowing him to function sorta like ST Honda against characters without fireballs. EX and super are just more command grabs, don’t add anything new to his game but they are beefy. His biggest problem is that he has practically no good way to get around projectiles like all the other big guys do, so he often tends to be restricted to a more SF-style game. He also has a hard time against characters who can punish his LK Dropkick, as that is one of his most important moves.

I may have made Son Gokuu look cheap as hell at NEC, but we’ve learned a lot about him since then, and it’s mostly bad. His mid-air rock drop is invincible (beats DPs!), can cross up, and does a ton of damage. The d,u+P is an excellent poke that knocks down and does decent damage. He has a wall jump. He can run away on the nimbus cloud against some characters. He has a couple different high/low games - Far HK is an overhead, and he can jump attack -> rock or jump attack -> land low short combo. The super gives him free pressure if he can create the breathing room for it, and can even lead to unblockables. However, the rock is highly unsafe, and you can walk in either direction and block the crossup attempt. He does crap damage with everything except the couple moves I mentioned. The cloud is useless against some characters. He lacks reversals since his EX move sucks. His ground normals are not good. The normal super is hard to get out, and the bees’ flight pattern is rather random so you can’t count on unblockables. And YOU CAN BLOCK HIS THROW - hold d/f if he grabs you, and you may even be able to punish him! He is gimmicky as all hell, but easily beatable once you learn everything I just outlined. Has an especially hard time against people who can shut down the d,u+P and/or cloud.

Brocken has risen a bit as of late. His main strength lies with the long-ranged high priority low MP and low HP. His anti-air special is strong once you get used to the motion, and the EX version is the same except more so. Neutral HK is an overhead. Air ABC allows him to escape some bad situations, and he can cancel it to remain safe. His normal super has very little use, but the Hero version is AMAZING - invincible until he hits you, and the initial explosion is unblockable! His greatest weakness is that he is the absolute least damaging character unless he can land that super. There is a Japanese match vid that shows him landing lots of crossup missiles, but that is a lie; there is no real mixup with them, as he cannot make them hit in front. As such, his gameplay is rather lacking in variety. The really quick characters eat him up, but he can hang with the rest. Actually seems to fight Ryofu extremely well…

Shura is one of the most basic and limited characters. Dash punches are OK, though the EX dash upper is all sorts of awesome. His normals stink, and he has no air game to speak of. His DP type kick is fantastic - requires no charge, and he can move left & right while landing to make himself harder to hit. The tiger knee is perhaps his most important move - quick, long range, nice damage, and when blocked he can attack on the way down. The super combos from a couple things, and I forget if it’s safe or not. He cannot force any sort of consistent pressure, and his damage is meh. Since he only does a couple things well, he will have a rough time against people who can shut down at least one of those things - mainly those who can punish the tiger knee with a DP or normal.

Janne is best used as a hit-and-run character. She is quite fast and good at tick throws, and she has a few decent normals on the air and ground. Not a whole lot of frame advantage or jump cancels IIRC, which is why I recommend hit-and-run. Some nice autoguard moves, too. Her specials are awful, though. EX is pretty decent, a little bit of invincibility and you might be able to link a f+HP after it. Both supers are GREAT - phoenix does good chip and gives her frame advantage when blocked, and the arrow does even more chip and from a longer distance. With her lack of damage and unimpressive moveset, she has a good number of problem matches.

Well, that’s it, hopefully this well help any newcomers out there! =)



One final comment:

Someone (perhaps arstal?) said that in SS5 Special, you can win with any two characters. Well, this game appears to have a similar type of balance - very matchup-heavy, with a lot of counter characters that you would not expect. I think everyone except Shura & Janne has at least some strong matchups, so you could play any of them in a tournament…you may need a backup depending on your character, though.



Excellent write ups and introductions to the cast, Josh. Please everyone read the edit in the original post so we can all start using the same terminology for the EX/Super/HeroSuper moves.

These may not be the games original terms, but they fit well for a group of long time veteran fighting game players.

Please, when you play over P2P Kaillera, press the ‘record’ button before you start. This will allow you to use other software to capture the playback to upload to youtube. The more variety on there, the easier it will be to get more people into this game.

As always, hit up Josh or I over AIM if you need tips on a certain matchup or game function. Im going to copy paste a list of game feature, with the terms we are using for them, so we are all on the same page. I used the number notation in these, so:

456 - Where 5 is neutral on the joystick, 6 is forward, 2 is down, etc.

And WK,MK,HK for the buttons. HP and HK are produced by pressing Weak and Medium together. For now, as it seems there is no way to disable them on World Heroes Gorgeous, we will allow the use of buttons mapped to HP and HK.

-Dash - Press 6,6 to make your character run or quickly step forward. Dashes can be canceled by almost anything, and some attacks actually transform into other attacks when performed during a dash.

-BackDash - Press 4,4 to dash away from your opponent.  These have a LOT of frames of invincibility on them, and can be used to escape most of the games seemingly 'inescapable' situations.  You can 		even BackDash on wakeup to avoid your opponent's wakeup game.  They can anticipate this, however, and take countermeasures against it.  It is a lot less effective when cornered, as well.

-AirBlock - Hold 4 in the air.  Not all attacks, specials, or supers can be air guarded, but many can.  In WHP, you can attack on the way down AFTER airblocking!

-AirString - Many or All characters can do multiple weak and/or medium attacks in the same jump!

-Juggle - Some normals and specials can be used to hit an airborn opponent that is already in hitstun.  These usually require correct spacing and timing.

-Block (HighBlock) - Hold 4 to guard against attacks that hit high (from the air or overhead) or from someone standing on the ground.  You will take no damage from normals, but a small bit of chip damage from specials and supers.

-Air, Ground, and Low Attacks - Air attacks come from the air (with a few exceptions) and must be blocked standing.  Ground attacks come from the ground and can be blocked high or low.  Low attacks are 		done by crouching opponents (with a few exceptions) and must be blocked low.

-Overhead Attack - A standing attack that actually hits like an air attack (and must be blocked high) is called an Overhead.

-LowBlock -  Hold 1 to guard against middle and low attacks.

-GuardCrush - This is a property of certain normal attacks.  If one of these is blocked, your opponent's guard will be ripped open and they will be vunerable to a follow up attack.  Once you are guardcrushed	yourself, you have two options to escape.  Both must be done very quickly.  You can either backdash (4,4), or you can wiggle the joystick a few times to shake out.

-ShotBreak - This is a property of certain normal attacks.  These normals have the ability to destroy a projectile, causing no damage to either player.  ShotBreak normals have no extra effect when used on 		your opponent, however.

-AutoGuard - This is a property of certain normal attacks.  These normals can absorb other normal attacks during their startup, guard them automatically, and then finish striking.  Autoguard normals have no 		extra effect when used on your opponent, however.

-Cancel - Cancelable normal moves can be stopped at certain points and canceled into special or super moves IF they are hitting or being blocked by your opponent.

-Empty Cancel - Some normals can be canceled into a special move even if they wiff.

-Chip Damage - When blocking a special or super move, you will take small amounts of damage anyway.  This is called Chip damage.

-Special Moves - Moves that require an input of several joystick motions and/or button presses to be triggered.

-ABC or Personal Action - Each character has a special action performed with WP+MP+WK.  The effects and uses of these vary greatly.

-EX Special - If your HERO bar is full, certain special moves will transform into EX Special moves the next time you perform them.  This usually results in more hits and/or increased damage, and sometimes 		some invulnerability on startup.

-Super - If your health bar is flashing red (meaning you are below 50% health), you can access your character's super move(s).  These may be done as much as you like without any farther cost, just like a 		special move.

-Hero Super - If you have red health AND full HERO bar, the next time you perform a Super move, it will automatically transform into a HERO Super.  This usually results in more hits and/or increased damage, 		and sometimes invulnerability on startup.

-Deflect - Press 4 the moment before a projectile would hit you.  A different noise will play if you are successful.   Your character will not be pushed back from blocking a projectile in this manner, helping you 		gain ground on your opponent.

-Throw - Press 6+HP or 4+HP when very close to your opponent.  Throws cannot be blocked or reduced in any way.  Some characters can throw with HK as well.  If your character's throw is a grab or hold, 		you can increase the damage/duration by wiggling the joystick.  No button presses are necessary.  Doing so also usually yields 70% or more HERO bar buildup.  Throws have 0 frame startup in 		WHP, and are very useful during wakeup.

-AirThrow - Press 6+HP when close to an airborn opponent, while you are also airborn.  Only a few characters can do this.

-Tech - Hold 4 after being tripped or otherwise knocked over to land on your feet instead.  If your opponent expects this, they can usually score more free damage on you.  Not all knockdowns can be teched.

-Jump - Press 7, 8, or 9 to leap into the air.

-Double Jump - Press 7, 8, or 9 in the air to leap again.  Only Hanzo and Fuuma can do this.

-Wall Jump - Press 9 when against the side of the screen and airborn to leap off the wall.  Only a handful of characters can do this.

-Triangle Jump - Press 9 when against the wall VERY close to the ground.  Only wall jump characters can do this.  It can result in some very surprising air attack situations.

-Jump Cancel - Some normals (and a few specials!) can be canceled into a jump by simply pressing 7, 8, or 9.  This is a very important part of some character's games.

-Wakeup - After being knocked down, you must 'wake up'.  During wakeup, your opponent may try to make you deal with some kind of attack, and you will be at a disadvantage in dealing with it.

-HERO Bar - The meter at the bottom of the screen.  This fills when you hit your opponent with normals or special moves, and throws.  It fills rather quickly in most cases, so dont worry about 'wasting' it most 		of the time.

-Taunt - MP + LK.  You can press this along with different directions to get different taunts or poses.  Down + MP + LK is always a fake dizzy.  Most of these can be guarded out of, or canceled out of with any dash or normal or special.  The greatest use for a taunt is to get out normals during a dash that normally wont come out.  For instance, Rasputin's dashing HP is a 'nut grab' style attack.  His normal standing HP will never come out during a dash, and it can be useful to dash under certain character's jumps and use his standing HP.   The trick is to dash, taunt, and the hit HP.    Also with Jack, his dashing HK is always his neutral HK animation.  His 4 or 6+HK guardcrushes, but wont come out during a dash.  Try dashing in close, taunt, and b+HK to get that guardcrush.

-Dizzy - Your opponent gets up from a knockdown stunned, usually with birds or stars above his head, and can be hit again.

-Clash - VERY occasionally, two attacks will collide and negate each other, making a unique sound effect and pushing both characters back.  Neither takes damage.

-Trade - Both characters hit each other with attacks at the same time and both take damage.

-Combo - A sequence of attacks that are unblockable after the first hit connects.  WHP has a combo counter only in the japanese version, and it appears in the changing text under your health bar as a red 		number.

-Chain Combo - Two or more normal move done in sequence that chain together with little to no reguard for timing.  Usually, performing the next move in the sequence cancels the end of the previous move's 		animation.

-Link Combo - Two or more normal or special moves that will combo due to the first attack leaving more hitstun frames than it has recovery fames, and the next attack being fast enough to take advantage.


Nah dont worry about it…just tell them 17-20.


Im ready to game. Hit me up!

Edit - GREAT games tonight Josh. What do you think of Brocken now?


sorry about the mistake its ZIMinaglasshouse.


Does Fuuma have the mid air DP from WH2? That move is sick.