World Heros Perfect


Rasputen. If his meter was blinking, he would take his shirt off and take you to his secret garden. If he had hero and meter blinking, he would keep you there, then when you thought he was done he would pull back in. Is there any old vids to see this?
World Heros Perfect on Saturn.


the move is qcb,f A+C, not sure bout footage, sorry.I just got world heroes perfect and hadn’t seen this before, funny stuff.


WTF?!?!? This is awesome!

BTW in World Heros1: Dragon + flying fists + death match walls = DEATH.




I think my copy is broken.
Here is a screenshot.


Yeah and he made the sound effects and if you had red energy ans Hero the opp would try 2 escape and Rasp wpuld grab them with his big hand and kept the fun going ( but who had the fun ?)


I made a video (codec: XviD) and a Kawaks replay with the arcade version. Right-click -> save target as… to download.

This will probably exceed the bandwidth limit of that Tripod account so try later if it doesn’t work.


Can’t get link to play. Yeah, but who had the fun? Rasputen did, ecspecially if he hand slapped you first down to size. Then the little you, and the heart shaped butt cheeks would come out, pull you back in.


Wow an actual WHPerfect thread…excellent. Hopefully it can grow to something bigger before long. Do you guys think that SNK should acquire the rights to the World heroes chacters as a whole? If so we could see them in SVC2 or something or they could make a new KOF dream match with Last Blade, Samurai Shodown AND world heroes fighters as well as KOF fighters. That would be badass!!! All the shotos say “I wonder who would win if Hanzo fought Ryu? Or Fuuma fought Ken?” LOL Maybe someday we will see…the SNK fighting game future sure looks brighter than the Capcom side Me hopes NGBC will trump Capcom Fighting Evolution-things are looking that way so far-DO IT RIGHT SNK!! … :badboy:

Also do you guys like the return of Neo Dio as the boss instead of that inspired Zeus boss in Jet? Or do you think they should’ve done another boss completely? Also, do you guys think that NGBC will inspire World Heroes 3 to be produced? Im an SNK fanatic, as you see I could go on for days and months…years even…LOL


I thought that there was a new final boss lined up for NGBC and the recently announced ones are just mid bosses.


is this game any good?


No. Because World Heroes is beyond awful. Let this old, very crappy stuff rest in peace.


Its all about Mudman :bgrin:


What the fuck?!?!?

That’s crazy! :confused:


Well, the real Rasputin had a VERY large penis.

Please don’t.


Oh dont worry I wont…I just love what I do…like most men love their women…this is like that…my games…just to put it in perspective


wow a world heroes thread, and liokaiser hasn’t posted in it


Hanzou & Fuuma will destroy ALL in NGBC!


i only liked captain kidd…hanged them while dead & his bird still pecks them while dead…


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