World Series of Poker

Anyone else play this? I’ve had the game for about two weeks and I play it almost every night after work. Post here if you wanna get some games in.

Sorry if a thread for this already exists. I didn’t see one on the front page and I don’t have time to go scrolling back right now. Gotta get back to work.

i was thinkin about getting this game but… nahhhh
i’d rather play online for free at

I think it’s a lot of fun as just a “chill out and drink some beers” type game. Some of the people online are funny as hell. It does get kinda ridiculous with people going all-in all the time, sometimes even before the flop. It’s nearly impossible to play real poker strategies when people have nothing to lose, although the game does keep track of your winnings/losses on it’s leaderboards so there is some reason to play somewhat intelligently.

I assume that this (and all the console poker games) are play money only, correct?