World War III

Now, on a serious note. If people can’t see the imminence of WWIII then they are naive. It maybe be here sooner than you think. All the worldwide forces are positioning their pieces and planning for the imminent rather quickly…

World War III will start when I fire my nuclear warhead into your mother’s embAssy.

You have no chance to survive make your time.

Checks the Jion_Wansu NK thread posts

Um…DID you miss a dose of lithium?

You will never have a qt3.14 average north korean gf after WWIII…

now, on a serious note, here’s my ridiculous thread

World War Free

Aint nobody fucking with my clique

There won’t be another ‘true’ World War. My original fears of one were born from how things used to be, but as technology and politics have moved forward…the true trigger of WW3 (religion) has dwindled in strength on that front. Alot of it IMO has to do with the war on terror…quote on quote, but if for instance Iran pulled a nuke out its ass to attack Israel, or NK did against SK, the bite back from the World community would be WAY too strong for either country to gain any level of supporters…and its those other supporters that would transform anything into a world war. If NK invades SK, they will NOT get true back-up by China…even they signed off on the latest round of sanctions. And if Iran nuked Israel, Russia won’t hop in the ring throwing Degeneration X signs. Just too much backlash.

So IMO we are safe from a WW. Not ‘war’, but there won’t be aother WW unless…aliens.

I disagree. I feel a world war at this point is pretty much inevitable, and will most likely result from an unsustainable world economy and dwindling natural resources. Governments will scramble to maintain their grip on their people, creating treaties and alliances as oil, fresh water, and food become precious commodities.

WWIII will ultimately be about those in power trying to maintain the status quo and how far their willing to go to hold onto the last vestiges of a dying paradigm.

All that is needed for this to happen is for the world to continue on as it is now. It may happen sooner depending on social unrest or natural disasters. Most scientists have a pretty pessimistic view of this century, and many are dreading a new dark age that will likely result when our limited resources can no longer support societies that rely on perpetual growth.

I don’t disagree that these items will create war. I just don’t think ‘World War’ is applicable. Their were specific conditions that lead to previous WW, and things setup since then have done a good job of preventing WW and actually uniting countries…again…even China was all in on sanctions against NK. If anything, the items you identified are items that will do the opposite…sanctions are only going to get worse and worse, and while sanctions are part of what lead to WWII, the difference is there was a gov’t alignment then, and that’s not the case anymore.

EVERYONE knows NK is licking the windows on the short bus. Even their cousins in China and Russia are saying ‘don’t mind him, he’s a little special (air quotes)’

Snipers, quickscope only, first to 30.
We can do this.

I can’t lie, if the US Gov’t made cyborgs controlled by XBox controllers and Turtle Beaches and gave them to a bunch of teenagers, I’m sure we could quick scope, no scope, and n00btube the fuck out of ANY country…excuse me ‘pro-pipe’ the fuck out of any country.

Until our cyborgs start to lag and the enemy camps with a target finder.

What if the enemy has wallhacks and aimbots?

Won’t matter. We’ll land, run to the right a little aim up towards a cloud, launch a n00btube…and get First Strike…and of course that will lead to our Harrier Strike and then our AC-130.

Last kill will be a 360 crouch knife followed by continued teabagging while nuke goes off in the background…

Of course they’ll hop on twitter and call us ALL racial slurs…oh wait…

I forgot…half of NK doesn’t even have power let alone internet ouch…they’d mistake a glory hole for a wall hack.

You guys are naive to think that even WWII ended.

Can’t beat Korean CS players son.

So fewer jobs, dwindling resources, people living longer in addition to more people in general, countries left and right cutting budgets and destroying their futures, increasing selfishness by obese, intellectually manipulated “libertarians” who would die in five days if left on their own, climate change that will only get worse when we look for more of those dwindling resources…what else? Obviously something has to happen, whether it’s in 10 years or 100. Plus there were two world wars in the last century, so why wouldn’t there be another?

Not to mention the fact that all these problems are not only swept under the rug but actively denied by the media. And people believe them! There’s nothing sadder than someone who can’t do 3/7-8/9 but who thinks he knows enough science to claim that climate change is fake. If those rich folks get their way and destroy public education (which admittedly is not very good) so they can usher in an era of private and charter schools to control the information, that’s the point of no return, for the US at least.

We live in a Orwellian State.

Stop posting my neverending fears man. I am paranoid enough already.