World Warrior Level Players


I’m not just talking about top players but an elite group of top players. The ones who actually are World Warriors. Those who actually travel around the world playing fighting games. These players are generally who people and other top players refer to when asked questions on forums or in interviews. The best of the best from each region or country are usually the ones travel the most.

Who should be included if a list of World Warriors was to be made? A list that would separate the best from the very best.

I’ll start with a few SF4 players who I think everyone would agree are World Warriors:

Justin Wong, Combofiend, FChamp, Daigo, , Infiltration, PRrog, Gamerbee

There are many others add whoever you feel is a World Warrior in your eyes. I know there are world warriors from other games, I just named SF4 players because I know that game the most.


Ryan Hart


The only true “world warrior” I know of is the former smash now mvc3 player Forward. He did the actual Ryu thing of traveling around on his own, sleeping at local players’ houses, and winning local tournaments to fund his journey to the next destination each time. He did it without having sponsors buy him convenient plane tickets. He probably walked all the way barefoot too, just to make this story even cooler.

Also your list does not “separate the best from the very best” because the game you are good at has to be SF4 or MVC3. You don’t see gods of other games get sponsored even though they are no less skilled than the people you mentioned, because Japan doesn’t do the sponsorship thing, and there’s no reason for them to venture outside of Japan for most of the games.


I think this is a misconception, even within the most popular games. They are usually top players, but not necessarily the very best players. For example, If you look at the results of tournaments within Japan or tournaments with a lot of players that don’t usually travel overseas like Shadowloo Showdown, you’ll see that isn’t necessarily the case.

Unfortunately most people don’t know shit about top players from other countries other than what they see on American streams, which leads to shit like Fuudo being an “unknown” according to the commentators at Evo 2011 when he was the 2nd ranked Japanese Ryu in vanilla and had already beaten Daigo at a European major in Super.


…/…Stopped relieved.
…/…It is still to early to fight Infiltration.
…/…The mind breaks when a
…/…halfway fellow is held down with
…/…overwhelming force.
…/…Ask that it is good well.
…/…There are 5 fighting game GODS
…/…in Street Fighter. Infiltration is a person
…/…reigns over the top. It is only in
…/…Gamerbee base. It is a person with
…-------------------------------------------------…narrow views. Even if an ordinary
…Gamerbee…Daigo…PR Balrog…Poongko…man makes an effort, it cannot
…defeat the god.


I am the player who knows all about the game.
I knew your strategy before the match began.
I was two steps ahead.
Not only is my demon the most advanced,
my knowledge on the game is unmatched.
No one can defeat the DEMON GOD of
Street Fighter.


I am the JAGUAR GOD from Taiwan. The very look of my
face will intimidate you. There is no way to
defeat a player with my merits. I will trick
you when you least expect it.
You cannot defeat this GOD unless you stay
on your toes.


The fighting game ROBOT GOD from Japan.
The emotionless player.
A supercomputer for games.
He doesn’t need mind games
or emotion to win.
Only skill is necessary.
His intellect matches his scholarly
pursuits. He fights for his fatherland’s

PR Balrog

The arrogant BOXER GOD from Puerto Rico.
His style is very similar to other
GODs, but his play is
truly organic.
One does not acknowledge
Balrog as the GOD until
they have truly faced him.


The player who is MACHINE. His
status on the pyramid is due to his
GOD reactions. Even if his emotion
on the game is minimal, his yomi combined
with unbelievable reactions
makes him the fighting game MACHINE GOD.

…"". ..-./ _=_ \.-. ?Sabin? { (,(oYo),) }} {{ | " |} } Sabin is a ZAKO, also a NIGA and Giant { { \(---)/ }} Mongoloid Gorilla. He will never reach the level of {{ }'-=-'{ } } Fighting Game God. The GODs have no interest { { }._:_.{ }} in Zako. Also, he is also sold his soul to MLG. {{ } -:- { } } {_{ }===`{ _}
…(((() (/)))


The rest of th ASCII art looked terrible in the new forum, but the monkey “ZAKO” for Arturo still kinda works. Nothing against him personally (and him being attached to the MLG is actually a good thing in my book) but I decided to keep him since he spawned the meme back when he was training in Japan after SBO 2009.


I never knew about this guy. that sounds very cool, I’ll have to look into it.

The description can be seen as a starting point. It’s not exact. I don’t know every player to every game but getting a few names together for those who travel the world regularly would be pretty cool. They generally are pretty good players. If there are good players and they want to be hermits or can’t travel for one reason or another, I guess they wouldn’t be word warriors.



That’s the definition YOU gave. If you are looking for the very best, you also have to look at more fighting games, even ones without big international scenes.
What reason does a top Guilty Gear player have to travel outside of Japan for his GG needs? None, really.

Yeah this willful ignorance of the genre as a whole, and its best players, is sickening at times.



I guess some games wouldn’t be included then. The game and it’s community would have to be big enough to support the ability of a world warrior. Or the player himself, like the story about the guy you told, would have to become a world warrior on his own.

I know what I wrote originally but there is room to wiggle and re define things as more and more information and perspectives become available. the list may have to be limited to only those players whose games promote frequent travel + players who travel on their own. With the notable exceptions of excellent players who play games in much smaller niches, i.e. Guilty Gear.


dv3 I was waiting for the pyramid thing.

God i died when i read: