World's Best Vega



who is the world’s best Vega? I’ve scoured the internet and dont see anything i’m impressed with

i want to know who Seth and Ono have in mind or are referring to when they spout things like “We don’t think the vega players would want anything more than such and such little crappy useless tweak”

maybe someone can point me to a high-level tournament player or video or website which shows high-level competition play against an actually powerful skilled opponent with someone like Yun, Yang, Fei Long, Gen, Set, etc.


or are they implying people actually love to play without any chance in hell of ever winning a championship?



i thought so… troll

as i said, i’ve “Scoured the Web” that doesnt mean removing slime & grime with a Brillo pad… had that been the case, there’d be no more trace of you…

ya so… pretty much there is actually nobody owning up to actually not wanting to win any tourneys with Vega, thats surprising, especially considering Ono and Seth seem to believe that all the real good vega players out there prefer spending most of the round in block stun and getting jumped on over and over… and “dont want any thing else but meaningless crappy tweaks”


Probably some Korean.


ya, or Seth and Ono pretending to be their own Vega Audience with alter screen names… as they jump back over to enjoy playing leap frog on vega for the 1000th time


Lemme guess, you just got knocked out of a tournament by a Rufus player…?


So…you’re back?

I guess it was too good to last.


right… anyway…

so go on, show me someone who didnt get knocked out then, someone playing an actually highly-skilled opponent using and actually strong and dominating character


I see you’re out of the closet with your new VonV avatar…

hope that’s removed that anal block for you, at least some of the time


Makoto’s Claw is very good. I really like his play style.


i watched this one…

that’s pretty much how I play him too… though I’m not so good at the last minute U2 on a jumping in Ryu… thats a hard one to land. i still kind of wonder if he didnt land it cause the Ryu was trying to EX Dragon punch or some thing

i still dont see how he’s going very far with that… against some really super exploitative players with yun or yang, etc…

i also cant see his playstyle making hims say anything like he wouldnt want viable wake up or aa or one of a million other things that would make vega be able to stand ontop


i also noticed him losing to a rufus… here

i’ve been in the same situation more than a few times… i think i handle rufus better than he does, or did in that video anyway… but there are just so many times you get stuck into that guessing game with no reliable AA or Wake-up, anyone can lose in the exact same way he did, i know I have…

it just sucks to give any character basically free jump ins… and you’re just left guessing…


you see him try to back dash 4 or 5 times there and get hit on every single one… vega is the only character in the game where a backdash at that distance against that jump in doesnt work

in fact, it was still a LONG way from working… he only backed out like 1/3 or 1/2 of what he needed to back out…


Is this the Claw forums Axl?


I just stated I liked him, didn’t want you to tear down another player. Those are two matches also that you watched I think you need to see more to pass judgement on other players like you have.


This Blanka one here:

he seemed to not even care about the match, or not even know the match up… why wouldnt he U1 the blocked U1?

it just seemed he relies on vegas own merits, rather than remoulding and redefining vega for each match up, which is what you have to do…


He didnt U1 the U1 because he knew there would be another match and U1 would give the Blanka player more meter. That is a pretty elementary answer for that situation.


if he doesnt want tehm scrutinized they shouldnt be online eh?

im not talking bad, i’m just stating observations… i asked for proof of a vega player that wouldnt want vega to have adjustments which make him a formidable opponent amongst the top in the game and who is able to win tourneys…

you offered up the videos…

i’m just saying, he would definitely want a bigger back dash, a better anti air (did you see his standing HK get out right flattened?) or a better wake up, etc…


umm… no, its not…

that was a guaranteed win… i can tell you right now, an elementary fact of the game is that the meter he did have had a very high likelihood of being completely drained for a loss before the match ended…

trying not to give a tiny bit of EX meter in the following round is practically pointless by comparison