World's biggest family: The man with 39 wives, 94 children

yes another story from the worlds greatest newspaper, lol.

The world’s biggest family: Ziona Chan has 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren | Mail Online

damn shame all his wives are ugly.

Meh. I’ve seen bigger

Yeah this was in the lounge a couple days ago. I still say it’s the shantiest mansion ever.

yeah no kidding! when I read they lived in a 100 room mansion i was thinking WOW, dude must be some kind of billionaire cult leader pimp. Scrolled down to the pics and was like. :wtf:

Families = super cheap labour

Shit looks like it’s made of bamboo and clay. And on one hand when he just happened to walk by a girl and decided to write a letter asking her to marry him my first thought was “Is that really how they get down there? That easy?” but after looking at them… they have to take what they can get.


apparently he’s the best looking man in that village.

I thought he was going to be Mormon. :stuck_out_tongue:

me too lol

me too lol


LOL. I was shook when I saw it too. my man is straight up Slumlord Millionaire in that beast. what bugged me even more is that when I found out it was India, I was hoping to see at least one cute chick. None. Decent? Nope. light’s out lover? Sorry. No future cuteness either from what I can see. I guess I gotta go to India and hunt for the hot ones in person. Belly dancers! FRONT AND CENTER!!!


This is why China has population issues.

Not ONE of those wives look pretty… gg

People shouldn’t be allowed to do that. In 3 generations he will have more than 1000 people carrying his genes.

Words fail me.

And you think this guy doesn’t know it? Look at his face, dude’s got that Al Bundy mean mug.

Not China.

i’m sure medieval kings had him beat. Charlemagne had what 60 illegitimate kids THAT HE ACKNOWLEDGED! 1/200 of the world is a direct descendant of Genghis Khan…