Worn gate, less than one week of use

Hello all, first post

I played SF2 when I was a kid, but didn’t touch fighting games since. I stumbled on Sirlin’s play to win guide and decided to try them out again. I downloaded SF4 vanilla about three weeks ago and just loved it so I decided to jump right in. I did some research here and read reviews and decided to grab the MC TE stick, the box says “Round 2” and “20th Anniversary edition”, as well as a ‘letter of authenticity’ noting that it was built with Sanwa Denshi parts. I’ve had it for a week and already the gate on the stick is wearing. I was practicing my specials with vega and noticed that while I could easily do 10-20 ST’s in a row facing left, I couldn’t apply the same timing when facing right. At first I thought it was just me but after some serious frustration I did a test. The gate clicks immediately when pressed left, when pressed right it has just a hair more play before it registers the right command, which is enough to throw me off immensely! Anyone else had this happen? Did I buy a melon? Should I send it back? Are there decent replacement parts that aren’t going to destroy my wallet? I’ve already dropped more than my monthly gaming budget on this thing.

All responses are much appreciated.

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If you can return, probably do so, otherwise sites like LizardLick will sell joystick microswitches for around $3 or so.

Firstly, having problems executing on one side or another is a perfectly normal part of the learning process. Also, I’m not sure you understand sticks enough to really do any trouble shooting. Gates don’t click. There is virtually nothing you could do to wear down a gate in a week that wouldn’t destroy other parts of the stick first.

Do you have the switch set to DP? If it is on LS, you might well have problems with response.

Also, moving down to tech talk. They will be able to help you better there.

As someone fairly new to using a stick, I’ve found that I can do moves much easier facing left than when I’m facing right. It took me trying out some different way to hold it to finally figure out how I’m able to reliably do moves while facing right. I tried all different ways of holding the ball top and tried with the stick on my lap, on a coffee table, sitting on the floor, etc. So maybe give that a try and see if it helps. Also, like starcade said, set it to DP because if it’s on LS, there seems to be some lag or something.

This is a bit unlike left/right handed-ness. If you hold the stick in a Japanese grip, you’re “pulling” the stick to the left, and “pushing” it to the right, which are two very different muscle groups. It takes quite a bit of practice to be able to do both sides evenly. (tangent, this is probably one of the reasons the Hitbox can claim to improve performance so).

The only answer is to practice. Like in any sport, you should practice your bad side 10x more than your good side.

Seimitsu LS32-01 Is better for learners in my opinion much more durable for mashing and slamming your stick around.

i think he’s just not used to it, that’s all

just play with it more. Hell most people with 1yr+ experience dont care what stick they use at tourney’s, they just do what they need to do, and you can bet theres many different types of stick

for people starting new though, open up training mode, and if you can do each of the special moves 15x straight (no screwing up in a set) you should be set.

The gate could be loose and the pcb could be slightly off due to that. That’s probably worse case, but there are manufacturing issues sometimes.

the first two min of this vid will help you…