Worn out sanwa buttons

Anyone have any issues with your buttons after time? i have a couple buttons that dont respond as well as the rest. the worse of the two doesnt register a press often, and more frequently now, registers presses even when im not touching the button. i have to press the button to stop it from throwing continual kicks out.

i took it apart and cleaned the sides of the plunger thinking it was getting stuck, but it still happens. i checked, and all the wire connections are fine. i even redid the connections for that button just in case, but it still happens. is it the microswitch? I guess im going to buy a couple new buttons, but is there anyway to save the old ones from going to the trashcan, so i can keep them as backup?

what kinda of stick?

its an HRAP3 that i swapped buttons out with sanwas.

I have had this happen before and generally speaking, you have 2 options.
Both times, in my case, the switches were the culprit.

Replacing the button is the quickest option, as you already know. However, you might take apart the bad switch in an attempt to figure out what’s going on. It can be dirt, corrosion, broken actuator (the red/black thingy there whachamacallit), all of which can cause the button to “stick”. Taking apart the switch is more fun in my book but if you need it to work well quickly, replace it.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to check the spring, just in case.
All buttons and sticks* stop working well after a period of time. That period is determined how hard you play, how lucky you got on the parts (sadly, not all sanwa stuff seems to be made equally), etc.

Good luck

*never had an iL stick die on me as they seem to be made for angry gorillas but they are also not the most precise thing in the world

i took the microswitch apart and found the ball not even seated in the right spot. cleaned it up and put it back together correctly and now its working as it should.

Not all stuff is made equally, period.