Worried about my height

I’m a guy, and only 5’3. My doctor told me I probably won’t grow anymore. What do I do? Do I get that bone surgery?

You learn to deal with it…

I gave your mom bone surgery.

There’s a bone surgery?

Your options are:

  1. Contact Biogenesis and get some super-HGH combined with deer antler spray.
  2. Learn to not let it bug you or let it torment you for the rest of your life under the surface ie. Napoleon Complex.
  3. Let it bug you and be one of those short dudes that try to fight or one-up everyone.

I might as well kill myself, because no girl will want me. Even girls my height want tall guys.


But I guess I won’t grow anymore, since I got an X-ray, and my doctor said it’ll probably show that the plates in my hand have fused.

I might as well kill myself.

maybe you can get an extra role in the next Hobbit movie? or be a mall santas elf?

How do I live with it?

I’m going to die alone.

Move to the nearest china town and you’ll feel right at home

are you kidding? short guys are cute. every girl wants a pocket guy.

But I won’t get a girl.

Like I said, even short girls want 6’+ guys.

I might just get that bone surgery.

Start wearing heels like Prince, bitch.

75% of women prioritize finances over height, looks, personality or anything else. So if the height thing really bothers you, just focus on making money. Tom Cruise is pretty short, as is Stallone and many others. Actually most of Hollywood is really short, men and women both.

Now where did I get that 75% number? It’s an article on CNN Money, I’m sure you can find it. But it’s common sense if you have a brain and aren’t manipulated by the media and feminist claims.

I know this is probably a troll thread, but there it is.

Also, women are insecure about their height just as men are. That’s why short women go after tall men so much. Just find a girl that’s medium height or taller, most of the loaded short guys seem to do that.

For the record, I believe the late Dasrik was that height, and he had absolutely no problems with getting women. Probably current SRK doesn’t know who he is, but I’m sure everyone else that remembers him would tell you the same thing.

I’ll never get a girl.

I like your main alt.

You make funny posts.

Leave this ghost of Beguiled lie, and just have fun in your GD acceptance :coffee:

On a related topic, how do you make your hands and wrist bigger?

I am tired of getting a sprain every time I go peepee.

Like I said, my doctor said the X-Ray will probably show that the plates in my hand have fused.

Women NEED a tall guy to protect her/their children from harm.

Lol I am 6’5 op, but I might hire you to hold my dick when I go tinkle so I don’t get hand cramps. I got that Cockpull tunnel syndrome or some shit.