Worried about treating stick too hard

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But seriously, I am worried i am treating my joystick on my arcade stick ( have a mad catz te ) when practicing or performing magnetos fly loop, specifically while in flight mode, I am just worried I am slamming the stick inbetween H’s to airdash to continue the combo.

Though there is no way to know how hard I am using my arcade stick, are these pretty sturdy, or should all the joystick movements be pretty ginger, just dont want to have to shell out money for another stick yet, as this is my first arcade stick and id like the investment to last a while

Unless you’re doing something pretty retarded with it, you’ll be fine. Sanwa parts are made to handle abuse in a commercial arcade setting.

Imagine what an 8-year-old boy would do to an arcade stick if he was playing Marvel right after eating a bowl of cocoa puffs and a whole bushel of cotton candy. Now imagine this happening all day every day for like three years. THIS is the kind of abuse that good arcade parts were built to handle. Don’t sweat it, man. It’s only natural to want to baby your stuff when it’s brand new–you probably just shelled out a wad of cash for it and I know it feeeels delicate–but don’t even worry. Pretty soon you’ll be throwing three of them together in a duffel bag raw dog style and slinging it into your trunk as you race to arrive on-time at some dingy location that contains a lot of nerds and has poor lighting and smells faintly of cat pee. And if one of them actually breaks under the weight of the forty pound TV that you dropped on top of them, then no worries: you’ve just determined WHO IS THE STRONGEST.

Like previously stated, arcade parts are made to handle QUITE a bit of abuse. Mash on the sticks and buttons as hard as you’d like as long your execution is on point. Should you come to the point where you need to start replacing parts (which is most likely several months or years from now), they’re pretty cheap and easy to replace.

They’re fine as long as you don’t do anything stupid like do an elbow drop on it or toss it out the window.

Buttons can be replaced for $3-4. The stick can be replaced for less than $20. In the really extreme case that you somehow destroy your top panel, that can be replaced for $30.

These parts are durable and rather inexpensive (when you consider how long they last) to replace.

More than that, you can buy just the microswitches at Akihabara Shop for Japanese buttons. For LS-32-01 and JLF-TP, you can buy the small board with microswitches, alone. There is no need to change buttons or sticks, usually.

hehe my stick survived a flood and worked flawlessly after

these things are built better than the arcades :slight_smile: