Worry over SFIV stealing our player base


I’m worried. Sure the hardcore players are going to stick with it, but what about the mid-level players? I’m still really new to this game and I can’t expect to get very good anytime soon. I’m progressing. I feel like I’ll be pretty decent in a year or two if I keep up daily practice.

I’m going to be picking up SFIV just like everybody else, but I get the feeling that I won’t like it nearly as much as I like ST and HDR. I mean these games are so much more pure. I’ll probably play SFIV quite a bit, but not with the same enthusiasm that I play this.

Should I be worried? Won’t it be more difficult for me to practice if the number of players who are just slightly better than me online drops through the floor?


I’m not worried at all.

I don’t care about scrubs, so good riddance to them, and mercy on the SFIV crowd who has to deal with them.

All I see in the future is that the quality of competition in ranked matches and quick friendlies will go up significantly.

After some of the newness of SFIV has worn off I think a lot of the mid-level players will come back.

Your matches will be tougher for sure, but that’s the best way to get better. Play the toughest competition you can find.


I expect an influx of new players on the PS3 version after the game is released in Europe.


Yeah, I ain’t sweatin’ it. All this means is that when I play STHD, I won’t play as many scrubby Akuma players that get mad at me because I throw them. Sounds great, I dunno what the problem is!

Actually, this makes me more worried about what online play in SF4 is gonna be like…oh shit.


I hear Hyper Fighting still had a strong player base for an XBL Arcade game long after the game was released. This is by far (even with the insane amount of glitches) the best you can get for your money on XBL Arcade. I’m not touching the game online until it gets patched but it’s still fun to play at major tourneys or just with peepz at da house. SFIV will be taking up like 90 percent of my gaming time though.

Most of my college buddies loved playing 3S or at least would force themselves to play it with me at some point so SFIV won’t be a problem. As a matter of fact we’ll all be doing nothing but playing SFIV everytime we meet up trying to level up. SFIV is going to be the new game that everyone wants to get good at. Which that fact will allow the US scene to grow stronger that much faster since we’re no longer divided among our favorite games. Everyone wants DAT FO YO!


there will be a loss of players but as stated above, said players are mainly scrubs. You really can’t deny that a new game will take players. I remember when a2 on ggpo was so hot then a3 drops a while after and 95% of the a2 players switched to a3 for a good bit. You couldn’t get any a2 games in for a while when a3 first dropped.


Releasing a game as buggy as HDR and then not releasing a patch until after SFIV seems to be a very silly idea to me. I really enjoy this game but unless SFIV’s online mode is utter garbage I will play HDR far less frequently until it’s patched. If the online experience is much the same I reckon I’ll play both games equally. SFIV is the strongest competition that fighting games are likely to face, we’ll just have to hope that everyone hasn’t forgotten about HDR by the time the patch rolls around.


I know I’m not alone when I say that HDR (especially when it gets patched) is the pinnacle of 2d Street Fighter. It’s Street Fighter 2 in its purest form, as you said.

SSF2/HDR will retain a hardcore user-base for many years to come, which is GOOD news for people like you. Sure it’s nice for your self-esteem to beat on scrubs, but with many of them moving away to SFIV, you’ll get better, quicker!

By the way, most of us are going to be scrubs on SFIV! I’ve only played fifteen or so matches and that’s fifteen more than most people in America! I look forward to getting my ass beat!


Well I’m an european ps3 player and I bought the game by suscribing on the american psn, as many did, so I doubt that you are going to get a lot of new worthwile players when the game is officially released.


The scrubs are more likely to leave than the better players. I think it’ll be fine.


its a hard descision to make really

im stuck in 2hd 3s and sf4 lol i’ll play them all bcus they are great in their own ways.

it seems llike now there are more god players im running into on xbl than scrubs (but maybe ive been getting lucky)


IV is more like a cross between 3S and alpha with some new stuff added - It’s not SFII - just as people stuck with SF2 when 3S and Marvel came out, after the bloom wears off this rose, the SF2 players will be back.


most of the people in my friendlist are already playing sf4.
i guess i wont have a big choice which game i’ll play if everybody i know plays sf4.


This. SF4 is trashy anyways. I dont particularly like it very much. ST for life.


The netcode is awesome on a good connection from what I hear on the sf4 forums.


Actually, I wondered about the quality of the connection too, but I mean more about how now there’ll be a swarm of scrubs crying cheap when I try to play SF4 :confused:


I’m not going to be on HDR after IV drops, that’s pretty much a promise…I might come back after the patch to dabble a bit but it’s safe to say the IV disc won’t even come out of my 360 till March 13th.

Also the main reason HF did so well for so long is cause THERE WERE NO OTHER GOOD GAMES TO PLAY AT THE TIME!!!

HF didn’t really lose people till Soul Calibur IV came out.


Yeah I’m worried about it too.

A lot of players here are talking about they can’t wait until 4 comes out and won’t pick this back up. There will still be die hards, but I think the price point on HDR is going to keep the scrubs around and more hardcore players will stick with 4 or split their time.


Ill be on SF4 handing out the beatings with Sagat :wgrin:

j/k i never played SF4 yet…so im gonna be sad when i lose

We havent played against each other in HDR in a while, hit me up!


Completely agreed. I didn’t like 3, and the only Alpha I like is 2. Any SF with 2 button throws and / or guard break / parry stuff is not my cup of tea. I’m definitely gonna give 4 a try, but for sure I’mma be playing Remix for life.