Worse Fighting Game Crossover Character

I guess, but kuro and toro IMO were very good guest characters. I know they are just kazuya and ryu clones, but they’re small size really helps on the battlefield. Megaman and pacman are alright, because they play decently. But Cole Macgrath just sucks ass. He has all these nice flashy moves but no good substance. Hell, its impossible to do boost combos with him. I’m not asking for a powerful character, but i’d like it if I could just play him well.

I’m surprised no one’s mentioned this travesty yet…

Is… Is that real?

Meet Spartan-458 a.k.a. Nicole. The “new challenger” in Dead or Alive 4 when it was exclusive on Xbox 360.

And yes, I said Nicole. Not John-118 (Master Chief).


Iori Yagami in Real Bout Fatal Fury Special on GameBoy.


poor Jazz


I believe Nicole was mid-tier in DOA4. Also, her moveset was unique and memorable enough that it’s being brought back somewhat with Rachel in 5U.

Ingrid…Capcom trying to forcefeed Lolita fetishes down our throat…


Barney the Dinosaur in Xenophage: Alien Bloodsport.

Wait… wtf? Alien Bloodsport? LMFAO what the fuck is that?

Believe it or not, there was a time when Western studios used to develop fighting games for the PC. Xenophage was one of such games, and it was made by Apogee Software, who you should know better as 3DRealms, the makers of Duke Nukem 3D.

I played and loved Time Slaughter.

Kratos was also in the PSP Soul Calibur game. I didn’t like him in that either.

What do you have against lolitas :mad:

Hey, but at least he was strong on that game, also he felt more like him compared to the atrocity on MK9.

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Funny thing about Kratos on MK9 is that his animations actually felt good compared to the animations of the rest of the cast :rofl:

Shaq in Shaq Fu


One of these things is not like the other. Who’s Shaq gonna be a guest character in his own game.

Because they just tacked Shaq onto a partly finished fighting game and used him as a selling point?

Medieval Spawn was a real thing, though it was a different story and character. I don’t know if the Spawn in SC2 was that Spawn or the regular one.

As a Spawn fan, having him in SC2 was absolutely amazing. Personally, I think all crossovers are dumb because they throw the lore of the franchise and the concerns of the loyal fans away just to make a quick buck from the fan of another franchise. It’s a sleazy tactic…but I sure loved it when I played as Spawn :stuck_out_tongue:

While they weren’t bad gameplay-wise, I would say the Star Wars characters in Soulcalibur 4 were worse than Spawn/Link/Heihachi.

how could I forget this:

Earthworm Jim in Battle Arena Toshinden, PC version
character is cool but his presence it is so out of context with the nature of the game