Worse Fighting Game Crossover Character

I’m not talking about crossover games like MvC or CvS2, I’m talking those Fighting Games that include a “Special” Fighter (who’s not part of the franchise) put in to make a version of the game unique or boost sales…and end up sucking harder than a StarkTech Vacuum Cleaner.

You know who they are…

Gon in tekken 3, sure the japs loved it but tbh that fireball was total bullshit >:[

boogerman in clayfighter 64

Cole Macgrath in SFXTK
total letdown.

Scorpion in Injustice…post-patch.

Chocobo in Tobal 2.
Heihachi in Soul Calibur 2.
Star Wars in Soul Calibur 4.

Kinda unfair man, Spawn was on the xbox version and was broke, Link was on the nintenlol version and was busted, at least Heihachi was top tier and had a plausible story :] I mean it worked for yoshimitsu xD

Didn’t the Japanese version of Marvel Superheros vs Street Fighter have a comedian in it?

You could really say that all the guest characters in SFxTK were a let down and a blatant attempt to cater to the casuals and get sales figures like Smash Bros.


Spawn was stupid too.

They’re not in the same fucking universe. Why are they in there? Link’s at least a similar era, that whole mythological fantasy bullshit…

Kratos on MK9, he sucks monkey balls

Pretty sure Tekken and Soul Calibur share the same timeline a la SNKverse.

I liked Spawn…

I was really into Spawn growing up. The comic has not held up very well but the Anime is still bad ass. Less said about the movie the better.

That’s news to me, as I thought SC took place in the distant past and Tekken takes place in the present.
I’m not saying you’re wrong, just saying this is the first time I’m hearing of it.

I still have my Spawn #1 somewhere.

heihachi found the shard in a scroll or some bullshit, sent back in time. I think your right about the timeline. he was sent back 400 years, if anything i think hes barely a cross over character compared to the other 2 xD

Tekken universe is the same as the Soul universe. And Hei was top tier, that makes up for EVERYTHING.

Thanks @d3v. Already stood corrected. You’re late to the “let’s point a finger at Mixah” party.

But you hated on a top tier character. You know my feelings about top tier characters.

It was more that he was in the game… Not the character himself.