Worst Acting Ever

I LOL’d for HOURS.

That movie is AMAZING. Niggas best be shutting the fuck up about The Room or Tommy Wiseau is gonna lay you down (whole movie is lolsworthy)

i thought star wars 2 anakin took the cake

Hmm that’s bad but check out Feelers, I think that one wins it for me. Though they are both terrible.

Only George Lucas can amass that much talent and suck the soul out of all of them. ALL of the episode movies are horrible.



Damn dude, you just don’t know [media=youtube]7S9Ew3TIeVQ[/media]


Ooh! I wanna try!



lol. That is so true. I won’t say that they straight up sucked but the acting was like watching popsicle sticks with glued on googly eyes try to communicate. Shit even then Stick Stickly had better acting skills.

the room is definetly the worst movie i’ve ever seen.

Also: [media=youtube]-EvPvfVOUV8&feature=related[/media]



I believe you all forgot this.