Worst animated characters/moves


Simple question : In your opinion what character got the worst animation for his moves/stances/walk… ?

In my opinion, Chun li is one of the worst animated character in the game, i don’t know how to point it correctly but most of her most used moves don’t feel right.

Her c.mk, st.mp, sweep, lightning kick on top. They really feel awkward to me. Plus, it’s move you see really often in competitive play.

It’s really a shame to me because on the other hand, she has some really great animated moves like St.HP, back HP Kikosho, SA2…

Other move that seem wrong to me : Ken f.mk, Yang sweep, Remy throw.


Everything Oro does looks ugly. It might just be him being ugly himself though. Also, fuck everything else about Oro.

And Sean s.HK looks like it has about 4 frames of animation in it.


Oro butt scratch win pose :wonder:

Which zweifuss doesn’t have, never cared enough for Oro either did he. :sad:


what the fuck is “lightning kick on top”?


Chuns c.? Looks really awkward. It has to be a medium, but i cant tell if its a punch or kick.

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Chun’s far standing roundhouse looks pretty awkward to me


Alex’s throw whiff


What the Fuck is a Chun c. ?!

Gdam Chun jerk avoids Yang cl.HP completely. Even his brother can’t do that.[/details]


Oro quick roll animation is the most awesome thing ever!


Lightning leg is Hyakuretsu kyaku Sesshazl. Chun has also is backdash and is forward mk who are quite ugly too.
It seems however that every forward mk or mp are poor animated in this game.

In my list I did forget Sean st.mk. I don’t know what it is supposed to be, but it’s one of the most ugly move in the game.

Remy throw is really strange too, the guy hit you on one side and you go to the otherside.


I like all the animations in this game, it’s all very fitting tbh. Everything flows very well and feels fluid, even if the same moves are repeated over and over. This game still feels fresh compared to newer games like AE which already feels stale and old.

A lot of the stuff from NG/2I are a little awkward though; like 2I urien forward.strong, 2I ibuki cr.strong, 2I/NG Dudley flying move, 2I Yun HP shoulder (seriously, he just dashes and then inputs the shoulder), NG Ken cl.jab (very strange if you look up close.)


which move? neutral throws forward. forward/backward + throw throws you in the direction. the directional throw is him tripping you with his foot.
if you do it backwards, same as nearly every other throw like that. he spins around and then does it. oro has a neat/odd throw imho.


Chun is beautifully animated. Wtf are you on about man.


Only ugly move I can think of is Sean’s forward… Shit is awkward as hell… It’s like a shoto standing light kick but… Butt clenching awkward looking… Like… Why does he even have that?


Ugly animations? In Third Strike?

Does not compute.

Most awkward is Elena’s forward MP though.


i’ll take a wild guess that not all the characters were animated by a single person with a single idea and style of animation. different people working on different stuff do things differently.

personal preferences are more obvious on some characters.


i think the newer characters look marginally better but everything looks very good and consistent to me unlike the versus games


Everything involving Twelve. :coffee:


I think Ryu’s Twinkle Toe Taunt is kinda lame but I don’t know that anything is poorly animated.

Maybe Remy’s mule kick during sa3.


fuk u that’s the best thing ever i want that as a special. remy mule kick. causes wallbounce on ex. godmode.