Worst Comic Couples

Why are Danny Rand and Misty Whatshername still together? Yeah, they were totally an interracial couple back in the 70s when that was mildly interesting because everyone was racist, but I’d much rather see Danny wrangling up a four-way with Lei-Kung’s ninja girl, the Bride of Nine Spiders and that girl who got messed up by Davos. But seriously, I hate Misty.

And Ms. Marvel? With Wonder Man? Wonder Man is such a dildo, and there needs to be more Ms. Marvel hentai, and I don’t want Wonder Man stupiding it up.

Who else does everyone hate being happy together?

I always thought Aunt May and Doc Ock were an odd couple, still, they looked cute together.

Well, that’s cuz they’re old and it’s like “awwww, they’re old and happy.”

Really, they were a good couple…


On a more serious note I never really liked Peter and Mary Jane, though I don’t like how they got rid of their marriage recently to be honest. I liked Peter and Gwen better, but we all saw what happened there.

Havok and Polaris kinda suck as well, Scott and Emma always came off as weird to me but lately I like it better. Jean fucking sucks.

Personally, I think they really need to bring back Black Cat as Spidey’s love interest. I remember the ol’ Spidey cartoon from before I hit puberty and how she made me “feel funny” when I watched. But I agree. MJ was easily the LEAST interesting female in the Spidey cast, so I didn’t even mind OMD.

Colossus and Kitty. Why was nobody against this clear child abuse?

Husk and Angel

I love Husk but Psylocke is the only woman for Warren.

Also I am not liking Emma and Scott

I love Emma and Scott. Jean was always this stupid whiny sub par unless she’s batshit insane uber-woman that sucked at everything most of the time and was randomly a beast.

Emma rules.

Does Sabretooth and Mystique count?

They Did each other right?..

Secret Invasion


Aunt May and “Skrarvis”

I’m pretty relaxed with the couples honestly, never had a couple kill a story or ruin a character. If any of them annoy me it’s Scott and Emma but that’s strictly from being attached to the past.

Storm and Black Panther. I never really got that couple or why they were even together in the first place to this day.

Yeah that was pretty dumb, I liked storm with Forge personally.

Osbourne and Gwen Stacy

superman and lois is the worst

Reed Richards and Susan Storm, reading Civil War for the first time right now and FUCK THAT GUY. :mad:

Nightcrawler and Amanda Sefton. Dating your Foster Sister is all kinds of nasty…

What!?! It wasn’t like she was hooking up with Wolverine now, come on.

Wow, that’s one of my favourite comic book couples ever. Your statement has offended me.

Though I don’t know if too many people remember, but early on (like almost back to Giant Sized #1) Colossus was all over Storm…and I don’t remember what ever became of that subplot, as I haven’t gone through my Essential X-Men’s in awhile.

Mark Millar gaying up Ultimate Colossus with Northstar really offended me both as a huge homophobe and also as a fan of the Colossus/Kitty relationship. …actually, pretty much every single relationship in the entire Ultimate Universe is wack, they’re just throwing characters together for absolutely no reason just because it’s never been done before and it’s edgy and pushing the envelope and whatnot. That’s a microcosm for the entire Ultimate Universe, actually. Just doing something for the sake of thoughtless shock value, with no actual thought or reasoning put into it.

I also thought all of Psylocke’s were pretty wack, even after considering the fact that she was a total slut after Jim Lee got through with her. That whole thing with Cyclops (CYCLOPS!?!), Angel, and Thunderbird…none of them really made any sense at all, and all the stories related to those were pretty weak as well. Crimson Dawn!?!

I never really understood Deadpool and Syren either, but that was more for fun than anything else, and I don’t think you can take anything Deadpool-related seriously anyway.

The fact that Wonder Woman was never a lesbian surprises me as well.

Rogue and Magneto
wtf was that?

and Jean and Wolve bleh
Wolverine is too good for her, and I hated Havoc and Polaris together.
and lord knows I hated Nova and Namorita

They were which is why (even though collossus was only 19 and kitty was 16) they didn’t have a relationship until Kitty was of age.