Worst Excuses for Rage-quitting?

Here you can post the worst, most frivolous, inane excuses for having disconnected from the match.

The only viable excuse that I can think of is extreme lag or if the other player is a laggy turbo user.

In digression, players have told me that the reason as to why they rage quit was because ‘they don’t care - it’s just a game’, meaning that if they ACTUALLY DID care enough to quit rather than staying to finish the match.

You don’t have to name anybody, as that would have me come under fire from fellow SRK members.

Typically, they don’t say anything until you call them out on disconnecting- and then it’s less an “excuse” and more an inarticulate, angry response like “FUCK YOU BITCH!!!” or something like that.

The “it’s just a game” defense is pretty irritating…, but two of my favorites are the guys who say “I don’t lose to scrubs” and the ones that comment on how they have a better score than you…! As if you’d somehow not realize they just ragequit on you to avoid being tagged for the loss you dealt them.

Ragequitters are an illogical, hypocritical breed.

I agree.

What’s wrong with rage quitters?

I’ve only had the typical.

‘‘Oh I’m sorry my connection died’’ Just when your dealing the finishing blow, it’s lame as hell.
And then they have the nerve to ask why I’m angry. LOL

My roommate logged onto my account at his friends near the end of a round so I was like…shit. This guy is gonna be pissed. I told him but I’m not sure he believed it. I was winning that round anyway. Lol

I like rage quitting when I’m bout to win