Worst Feature?


What was the worst and most stupid feature in the whole game in your opinion


Whatever feature it is that lead to this thread. I’m expecting someone to bitch about Ultras for rewarding people for taking damage.


But it’s kinda a legit complaint. The more I play other games like 3rd strike and skullgirls, the more Ultras start to bother me. I started with SSFIV too.
It might just be because its an odd meter stuck in the corner thats harder to pay attention to when all the other games make you really focus on the super.


Good God helehlo…ANOTHER thread?


Ultras or input leniency.


Idk SSF4 was the first fighting game I took seriously and having no previous fighter experience and nothing to compare the game to, absolutely none of the features bothered me.


not being able to hit people after the KO and the change to the disconnect screen where it automatically goes away before you get a chance to take a picture of the rage quitters name.


Battle Points, they should have just been character-specific Player Points instead of the dumb cumulative system.


mashable DP / SPDs obvs…

Plinking is a close 2nd. Why is that shit in the game, I don’t want to double tap every fucking link attempt.


Plinking was a game mechanic found on accident to help with the 1 frame links. If anything you should hate the 1f links. :stuck_out_tongue:


We now have “What changes do you wish for from SF4 to SF5”, “WHAT DO YOU HATE ABOUT SF4”, “A personal redo of SF4”, this thread, and probably 50 other of those. It’s getting boring.


There’s nothing wrong with 1f links, they have existed in every game, and will continue to exist in future games, and it’s not a bad thing. Advanced, difficult combos, are the reward to players who have invested time and effort into their game, and their character. Not every combo should be learned by just anybody within a week or so.


Input (especially reversals) leniency


I was saying that complaining about plinking would be pointless as it was a mechanic found to help 1f links.

1f links were in other games but they were fewer and farther between and usually for odd combos /infinites. This game has sporadic difficulty. It has input leniency and all that other stuff. Yet they put in 1f links as some form of artificial difficulty which feels weird.

I actually enjoy doing high execution stuff. I like high reflex games like Battletoads and the like and I like doing stunts with them. I did find the 1f links more out of place due to lag, and due to the lag difference in systems and tv sets though that cause you to adjust if you have to play on them. It doesn’t take too long to adjust in most cases, but it’s still annoying. I had to do it at my friends house and I was like “WTF, why isn’t Evil Ryu’s combo with 2 1f links working, I do it all the time.” Turns out it was tv lag.

I agree that everything shouldn’t be watered down because enough things are. 1f links aren’t that bad. Nothing compared to things like paint the fence, shosho, roll cancelling consistently on qcf moves, etc. It takes more practice to do the things in old school games and 1f links weren’t mandatory. The skill factor just felt more legit in those games. I hate that games are so watered down now, I’d go back to Capcom vs SNK 2 in an instant and do the paint the fence/shosho. So much more fun to do and watch.