Worst Feature?


I still do play this game, but there are some cons it had that made it look ridiculous, in my opinion, it was pandora


No it’s neon Kuma


You chose pandora over auto gems?

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not being able to turn off opponent’s custom colors is the worst “feature”


You choose auto gems over paid for auto gems? o_O



Probably the option to have big ass Neon skin colours on a character like Kuma or Hugo and the auto emeralds, closely followed by Pandora outside of combos.



Dumbass OP reposted the same thread. If you don’t remember may I present… Exhibit A:

The only difference here is that he didn’t single out Pandora in the title, but still called it out in his OP.
Someone needs to take away his privilege of being able to make threads. 80% of them are fucking retarded, the other 20% are reposts of the same threads.


My man, that thread, focuses on pandora only while this asks pandora and everything else


Pandora I don’t mind, since it is such a lame mechanic it is never a problem (personally I would mail a trophy to the person who can utilize it soundly). Neon colors is annoying, but auto gems are the worst feature. Still can’t believe auto blocking and auto throw escapes are a real, not hacked feature to a fighting game.