Worst Fighting Game Ending Ever

I’m sure its been discussed, but I couldn’t find a thread. I just picked up a copy of Darkstalkers 3 and played through it with J. Talbain…

Dear god, that has got to be the absolute WORST ending ever for a character…

So lets hear em…who’s ending sucks the most…fighting games only please.

That was the most ambiguous ending ever. You want a sucky ending? Credits, followed by Thank You For Playing. Lazy-ass Capcom.

Is there a “good” ending for Leo in Warzard?

I keep on getting the ending where he turns into a lion…
I don’t think that’s a good ending :confused:

Most capcom endings suck royal arse.

The ending to Shaq-Fu.

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The only ending that I think really sucks is MvC2’s.

It’s the same ending, no matter which team of characters you get, and they don’t even bother throwing in more pictures after you unlock all of the extra characters.

Ah well…Capcom admitted in one of their “All About Capcom” books that MvC2 was basically the epitome of laziness on their parts. They weren’t joking…

I think there’s one ending DS3 for Anakaris where he just traps a person in like his own dimension I was pretty angry at that because it was that lame. Another ending was Marvel vs Capcom where Captain Commando comes on the screen and just talks about how the world is fine or something along those lines. Real Lame. Capcom needs to hire Japanese authors to do the ending or something. I also hate the endings where no matter what happens you get the same ending ‘Oh look everyone is on the ship it looks like Ruby is throwing that Abyss thing in the ocean… Thank you for playing’

EDIT: But at the end of the day who cares about the ending fighting games are never story focused which is good most of the time.

Actually, Captain Commando’s ending was basically just him showing up on the Avengers screen, saying how he defeated Onslaught already, and the avengers basically going
"Who are you?"
“I’m Captain Commando”

Well, i think Alpha 3 got good endings.

The worst ending ever? i dont know… i hate those SFEX videos in the PSX version, they are so lame.

But the BEST? Eyedol ending in KI1 is pure gold.

I’m just glad the “curse of the nunchucks” has finally been lifted from the Soul Blade/Calibur series. Those poor guys were dropping like flies after every game until SC2, it seemed…

Although, I suppose that’s what you get for entering a sword fight with small, wooden, chained clubs…

Ahh thanks for correcting me. That was really lame of CapCom (the character)

Anyone ever played Violence Fight?

The endings in that game were so bad and the whole story bordered on nonsensical.

Final Fight Revenge. If you beat the game without using continues Zombie Belger does the Thriller dance. That’s so bad… it’s hilarious like the rest of that game. :rofl:

EDIT: I love Youtube. :lovin:


where ryu walks into the sunset

for the millionth time


Wow, there’s a lot of Capcom bashing going on in this thread, but I have another lame ending.


All the endings in Street Fighter EX Plus (plus what BTW) were bad. Most of the endings made no sense and all the endings had the same crappy music.

Can’t be any worse than the ones in SF EX 2 (congratulatory screen, HOORAY!)

Fatal Fury Special also has some pretty lame one-screen endings complete with horrendous voice acting.

Geese (with Sylvester the Cat-ish voice): IS THAT ALL? GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ!


I agree Geese’s ending was laughably bad, but he sounded more like the Cookie Monster.

sf ex1 had the best endings

I have to admit… I LOL’ed @ Darun’s ending (squashing Pullum with a boulder FTW). :rofl: