Worst Fighting Game Ending Ever

MvC2: all characters.

Xvsf where ryu is walking on the moon (i dont know how he was planning on getting back to earth…shin-shoryuken?)

Wow! What a tough!

All the endings from the MK games, because none of them really happened…

haha… cookie monster

Don’t do it, Ryo! That man is our… THAT MAN IS OUR…


Oh, good god, he does sound like Cookie Monster.

His ending is a throwback to the ending of the Captain Commando arcade game.


Dude, good find! I also found Krauser’s ending to be funny as well as Billy’s because I swear Billy was about to walk off into the sunset just like Ryu.

Ken’s endings usually elude to him “relaxing” with Eliza, unfortunately they haven’t released the NC-17 version of SF II yet :stuck_out_tongue:

MvC 2’s endings are up there as probably top 5 worst.

I suddenly realized that the credit artwork from the DC version of MvC 2 were slightly different than the ones from the arcade (includes more characters). They’re still shitty, though… :bluu:

Also, bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah at SNK for going the same route with KOF 2002. At least some of the credit sequences are FUNNAY (like the whole ‘Clark takes the lady’ routine). :looney:

Blanka’s SF2 ending. When I first saw that, I said, “You got to be kidding me.”

Tekken had some bad endings.

Bruce’s ending in Tekken 2 and 5. Lei’s endings pre Tekken 4. Lee’s ending in Tekken 4 (WTF Combot?). Paul’s ending in Tekken 5. Hwoarang’s ending in Tekken 4 (HORRIBLE voice acting.)

I find all the endings in Alpha 3 to be gawd awful. For the Art and story

Oh still pretty lame to me. Also I think I heard cookie monstah D: in FF

I lol’d.

Soul Blade, YUCK.

What about Battle Arena Toshinden…those endings were complete $h6T!

First Dynasty Warriors. My dad was watching as I finished the game with the one eyed dude for the first time.
3D was still pretty hot at the time, so I went: “Now you’re gonna see an awesome cutscene!”

Cut to the character pulling his eye out with an arrow, then eating it…

I thought Strider’s ending in MVC1 was pretty fucking bad, he flies away on a glider then jumps onto a humpback whale and rides off in to the sunset.

You gotta be kdding!!

One of my fave ending, just a “so Paul” ending. Or Heihachi’s: