Worst fighting game ever? Discuss

I’m bored here at work and decided to find out what most people think is the worst fighting game ever. I’ll start by saying Fighter’s History.

I think that a thread like this exist already. Because I remember posting a few games along with other people and one of the games that was mentioned was Evil Zone for the PSX. A 3D Anime fighter that used up, down, left, and right+punch or kick for every move. really gay.

Worst fighting game i ever played was on PSX, it was a really long time ago and forgot what it was called, it was a 3D fighting game and you couldnt even jump in it, anyone know the name of it?

Fighter’s History was awesome!!!

I’d say it was probably Street Fighter: the Movie.

Clay Fighter was pretty bad as well as Ranma 1/2.

There are far worse fighting games out there than Fighter’s History. Its worst crime was a severe lack of originality.

I don’t see how anyone who played Time Killers wouldn’t instantly nominate that game for worst ever. Same goes for Shaq-Fu.

Street Fucker, a genesis game. Look it up on Emuasylum. I cannot describe the shittyness of that game.

Dragonball GT for PS1.

Hmmm…Tekken 5.

I kid, of course (only a little, though), but the worst fighting game I ever played was Transformers: Beast Wars. Oh, man. That game just blew in EVERY way.

LOL I played that.

Id have to say the worst fighting game ever was Martial Champions in the arcade…they had a guy named Titi…nuff said

World Heros…

Vs. and Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi for PSX

Ehergeiz a crappy PS1 3-D fighter with FFVII characters in it
Clay Fighter
Wrestling games
Brutal Paws of Fury
Tekken series
Battle Arena Toshinden series

marvel :O…omg i said it

Everybody are forgettin about Battle Monsters on sega saturn? If you don’t believe me just wait a few hours…Im uploading a basic combo vid to showcase all the crappy shit that you could do on this game… (4-hit -1 button relauncher infinite!! WTF???):wasted:

War Gods

You talking about what I’m talking about? Evil Zone? http://psx.ign.com/objects/011/011480.html

Ranma 1/2
Shaq Fu
Street fighter alpha 2
Primal Rage

Iron and Blood
Psychic Force
Rise of the Robots.

Soul Calibur 3
Tekken 4
Tekken 5, not being 5.1

Psychic Force
Virtua Fighter 3:TB

Toshinden Remix
Battle Monsters

War Gods

Anything not Sega, Capcom, SNK, Sammy, Namco… i played some really horrid fighters… and none are associated with those companies… Pit Fighter… Dead or Alive for the arcade… Time Killers… etc.

Ok… We know that those companies HAVE produced shit, so I might as well list those too cuz i have nothing to do…

Viruta Fighter 3: TB… no words…

Super SF2 = HF, slow as SHIT… and with four characters extra… boo!
CvS1 Pro: there’s too many things i don’t like, and they’re so bad, there’s no words in existence to describe them
Vampire Savior 2: not a bad game, but a dissappointment after the first Savior was sooo much better. They basically took all the good out of the Dark Force and made them custom combo mode… that was mistake no.1… taking out the top tiers and replacing them with pyron, donovan, and phoboes didn’t go over too well either.
Alpha 1: the typical things people don’t like about this game… chains, high damage, etc.
the edited 3S: bad, capcom… BAD
SF3:NG: there, i said it… i hate this game… no air Hurricanes, no air blocking, parry timing was retarded, new characters dissappointed me except yun/yang and elena… bleh

SvC Chaos
KoF 96 (easy iori infinite = gay… )
SamSho 3
Not big into SNK, so i can’t comment on the rest

Dust Strikers
… just… why for both of them…

Tekken 4
abusable jabs, Jin, and slower than 3/tt
Soul Calibur 3… just… no…

Pit Fighter, Primal Rage…shit is shit, so it all depends on what shit you think shits the most.

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