Worst fighting game ever? Discuss

Rise of the Robots

yup Primal Rage sucked

but I cant believe someone listed Shaq-Fu wtf wrong wit u?!?!

Fighting for One Piece, only like 1 character can even do combos the rest need the custom combo to do anything.

I was beaten with the instructions by my doctor and was forced to put the controller in my ass while he sang “This little Light of Mine”… it brought back really bad memories, so that’s why I think it’s a bad game.

And here it is! For the disgrace of us all… Battle Monsters Combo Vid

Worst fighting game I ever played was Brutal: Paws Of Fury, which several other people have already mentioned.

I mean, every single special move is a guard crash. I don’t know what to say about that.

SVC Chaos.

KI for gameboy

My ass, the Tekken Series. Tekken 2 was very fun IMO.

This thread is 2 pages long, and nobody’s mentioned Mortal Kombat yet.

“Oooh… lets make ANOTHER game where we rip someone’s head off in a totally unique way! Yeah! That’ll make money!!!”.

And Primal Rage (ie: Mortal Kombat with dinosaurs… brilliance!)

Both series are a testament to the fact that American developers shouldn’t make fighting games EVER. Leave it to the Japanese.


that game was super fun!

/brain haemorrhages

A lot of the games in this thread suck- Shaq Fu, Ballz, Time Killers- but at least they have gameplay. Rise of the Robots is one of the only fighting games that just has nothing, no features, no moves, no characters, nothing at all. Just no content. A non-game.

And yet, in the back of my mind I can’t help thinking there’s worse… hmm. More data needed.

EDIT: At least Rise of the Robots was borderline pretty - what about the laughable SNES Ultraman [media=youtube]lOpHJhJ7Ctg"[/media]?

Why all the VF3 hate?

I know the DC version was flawed but it was still a really good port. -Should- have been arcade perfect but it was rushed. confused why u consider it so horrible.

Top of the List:
For me it’s a tie for War Gods (in any shape or form) and even though it’s been more than 10 years for me Street Combat (originally Ranma 1/2) for SNES. Anyone remember Double Dragon 5: The Shadow Falls? Ugghh!! Don’t really want to remember but…

Too many in the early days, KOF '99 and Neowave for the X-Punk…i mean Box, SVC Chaos, the 1st Maximum Impact (english voice acting will do that)

Capcom vs SNK, Megaman Power Battle, other than that nothing since they could never really get past Street Fighter 2

The rest

Time Killer, Blood Storm, Rise of the Robots, Criticom, Tekken 4, Soul Calibur 3, Samurai Shodown: Warrior’s Rage for the PSX and Samurai Shodown 64

Tough call. I’d say Battle Monsters, Battle Arena Toshinden URA, and Battle Raper.

EDIT: Whoa, I didn’t even realize till I typed them out that the fighting games I hate the most are all “Battle” games. Interesting.

ALL 3D Fighters
ALL button mashers
Super Street Fighter
Super Street Fighter Turbo

The DC version is the only one I was referring to actually… I should’ve mentioned that…

I don’t like that it was a half-assed version of the arcade… the game felt rediculously sluggish IMO, and the graphics were done like a jackass… Jackie’s jacket for example, moved int he cade, but it was stiff on him in the game…

the game also glitched out and just froze on me on a couple of occassions (i recall two, one when i was using dural vs. dural against my friend for some random reason, and the second when i was ringed out by lion, and it just stood there for some random reason… i was able to move, but i was out of the ring… he was actually just floating there… idk)

Evil Zone happens to be my 2nd favorite, next to mvc2. I’d say the worst is Svc Chaos.


More infinites than characters.

Bo weapon stance f+3, grab. nuff said