Worst KOF ever?

Till today, what’s your worst KOF ever made?
To me the entire NETST saga, i mean the chars are great but the strikers system is annoying (especially in 2001 -_-)! Really, i tried to play them online and if the challenger knows how to use them,well there is no match for me.
In 2001 just choose Iori and then 3 strikers and you’re done!

IMO 2001 is my least favorite. I feel that one is the worst.

  1. Enough said. Even the music was crappy!

2003, just didn’t feel right.

2000 is the one with the crappy (infinites, off the floor, overpowered stikers). 2001 they went a long way to balance the strikers, it’s much better than 2000, except they made maylee uber skank. Even so it’s still better than 2000. 99 wasn’t all that either. 2003 definitely the worse KOF.

Have to agree with KOF 2001.

Damn game looks like it was put together by MUGEN. The graphics are grainier than ever, the music sounds pretty much the same all the way through (and it sorta grinds on you after a while), and the game itself suffers from glitches galore (moreso than KOF 2000). May Lee can freeze that game worse than WW Guile. :wasted:

Character art portrait is downright horrible (why does everyone have stout noses?), Igniz is a SUPER cheapass, striker system allows for dem easy 100% combos, wire system is retarded, etc…

KOF 97 and KOF 2001 are both pretty awful, broken to all hell, and incomplete games, but at least 2001 does have some cool (retarded) stuff I enjoy like K9999, non-charge Chang and Heidern, Yuri being given the Raging Demon, Choi getting Berzerker Barrage, and probably my favorite KOF version of Joe ever.

i think 2k3 is really shallow compared to the games before it.

so till now the worst are the strikers ones ahah (expect for some of u who dont like 97,94 and 2k3)… lol … hope that snk won’t do another striker kof eheh

My first instinct is to say 2k1 but I’m going to say 2k3. The game is incredibly glitchy and the controls are shit. At least the other games work. :\

there’s no uglier kof than 2002

at least in 2001 characters and stages look clean

2003 is a close second

kof 2001=the worst

Been into kof since the beginning. for me the worst kofs where 94 and 96. i hated 94 and played SS2 far more back then as a youngsta. 96 was also shitty and i got rid of it actually. but the bgs where pretty much unsurpassed. same for bgms. i heavily favor 95 and 97 personally. everybody knows 98 is great. 95 pretty much took all my time away from ff3 and ss2. 97 did the same with rbs.

94 and 2001. But fighting Igniz was fun.

May Lee can also freeze the game/ cuff the character in 2002…

Hmm I’d have to say 2k3. The only fun thing to do in that game is doing Jhun float bug pretty much.

Anything pre-98 is ass.

99 sucks.

2000 is like someone said before striker Iori+3 characters

2003’s only saving grace is Robert. High tier boring ass K’ is well… BORING.

2001 I liked over 99 and 2000 because I was in 8th grade and thought 2000 looked worse.

I can’t pick one. There’s several KOF’s I won’t play.

Didn’t know people hated 2000 so much…

LOL, OMG magic handcuffs? I thought we were hid of that shit long time ago (SF2 I mean). How is the cuff trick done?

Sure 2000 might be somewhat broken with strickers, but overall, the game is solid.

2001 is easily the worst KOF. The sound/music and graphic colors don’t lend themselves well, however, the game system had some potential. Now if I were to play 2001, I’d play the DC version in the KOF NESTS Hen for PS2 w/ Arrange soundtrack. IMO that version is the best version of 2001.

2k or 2k1.

2k3 had some cool ideas. Like I liked a lot of what they did to the characters. Controls felt awkward tho and the balance was either you pick Dou and Goro or you pick Beni/Ash/K’/Other cheesy Keepaway.

2k just isn’t fun for me. Striker system is mad broke they removed moves from most characters and ditched the SDM system entirely cept on a couple random supers.

As for 2k1. It’s hard to tell the difference between 2k1 and Mugen.

Which is funny cause I liked 99 other than Bao and Kensou. (lol most broken KoF character ever.)

I also think 96 is pretty bad too. Controls just feel really stiff but I like it better than the striker games.